Report: Iran moves missiles to Iraq that can hit Tel Aviv
Published: 31.08.18, 12:13
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1. Iran is bankrupt
Rami ,   Helsinki   (08.31.18)
Mullahs will go to the way of Fatimid caliphate. They are fortunate enough to have enough power to prevent Turks from taking over this time.
2. I have to say that notwithstanding the forty year robbing of
Tehraniporou   (08.31.18)
the Iranian people the resistance of iran as a strong independent nation is an element of pride. The US is in no position to dictate any policy to iran. It is a pity that we have this damn regime and this regime is hostile to the US and Israel. With me at the top with shaked, the honeymoon would be consummated like bunnies. More seriously it is a clever move to build up missile production factories so that Iran will have a very large and devastating counterstrike capability in the region. With such a large counterstrike capability, ti will lessen the risk of escalation. A weak iran will invite an attack just as in the beginning of this historic mistake called revolution. It is prudent to a defensive capability with bin salman. Itsnotmeyahuuu talks a lot but he is clever to limit his action. With MBS I am less certain. Threatening to counterstrike dubai, riyad, abu-dhabi will either force the Persian gulf state to compromise or to adopt an more aggressive stance. I fear the latter under strumpiee
3. The same missiles that Saddam Hussein sent us in 90's ???
barbara ,   Haifa   (08.31.18)
4. Europe is pathetic. Iran will use proxies to launch Attack
Eden   (08.31.18)
Then Iran will say. Oh. Golly. It was not us. We are just intellectual students of religion and we are victims. Its pathetic that European Leaders are choosing to be dumb to intelligence.
5. Like the proverbial gun on the wall in Act1: in Act3 it'll
be fired!
Greek tragedy unfolding, with nobody willing to pick up the glove.
It shall be bloody& costly for all the end, but it will come.
6. Iran must be hit NOW&hit HARD. No way around that fact: if
we want to live, that is!
7. Shia terror regime is intent on self destruction
C   (08.31.18)
they are extremely stupid to think that they can defeat the united states.

the united states has a military the is infinitely more powerful than the
puny one of the shia terrorists.
8. I am waiting for a news that those missiles are no more.
leo ,   usa   (08.31.18)
9. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (08.31.18)
reminds me of Russia with loads of fantastic missiles. great technology and destruction but....if you send them you will receive even greater retaliation. nobody wins. same with Iran. nobody wins. everybody loses.
war talk for domestic consumption. stupid people will buy. so...why spend resources to improve economy and make the lives of people better when can you can talk war? keeps the gangsters in power. I am always reminded that Islam is a religion of peace. great theory, no practice.
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