Syria says IAF jets launched strikes in Hama
Reuters and Daniel Salami
Published: 04.09.18, 19:27
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1. Great job
Rami ,   Helsinki   (09.04.18)
It is obvious that Sunnis, Turkmen, Kurds and maybe Druze are giving Israel inside info. I think so called Christians remain loyal to Assad. They must really hate Iran. I think IAF knows where every single IRGC base in Syria is located.
2. Nobody cares about downed rockets, it is those that ...
leo ,   usa   (09.04.18)
... got through that count.
3. political hack Y. Katz is Minister of Intelligence??
Rafi ,   US   (09.04.18)
now there's an oxymoron!

G-d help Israel with that fool in charge of anything important !
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