Netanyahu: Yom Kippur War shows importance of preemptive strike
Inbar Tvizer
Published: 20.09.18, 16:31
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Israel today is in good capable hands, unlike back in 1973.
2. preentive strike is always essential
C   (09.20.18)
secrecy and speed are even more essential.

always be ready against enemy perfidy.
the enemy never respects international agreements or the laws of war.
iran is a taqiyya regime, a regime that openly threatens israel with annihilation.

jews should never again go to the slaughter without self defence.
israel must be armed to the teeth.
jews are not safe anywhere except in the jewish state.
the stalinists and the social democrats are an even greater
threats to the jews than the far right dukists, the modern day hetlerite.
no one should forget the alliance between hitler and stalin.
this alliance helped hitler murder countless people.
3. That would've been Iran 5 years ago, Nasrallah 10 years,so?!
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