Corbyn: if elected I will recognize Palestine
Published: 26.09.18, 22:01
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1. No doubt about that, also: introducing Holocaust-relativism
as part of curriculum in British schools will be his "priority"!
This ghoul if elected, shall proudly bring Britain back into 15-th Century.
2. If elected: You're Going Down, Britain!
3. Scum like Corbyn should be taken out, NOW!
4. Welcome to the mainstream left wing dsa, Cornyn threats
5. what other nazi bastards will he support?
jores ,   la   (09.27.18)
7. My friend Uri Avneri .My friend Hamas- What friends he has
Alan ,   SA   (09.27.18)
8. Corban is definitely very good for Israel...........
Alan ,   SA   (09.27.18)
IF he becomes the PM ... WHICH I DOUBT VERY MUCH ,he will be a great spur on to Aliyah from British Jews.... Remember 60% + of London is ethnic including massive Muslim population. He is MP for Finsbury Park Masjid/Mosque- a very interesting community in the area
9. Be warned, Britain
Cameron   (09.27.18)
Place a dubious fringe extremist like Corbyn in as PM and your alliance and special standing with the US collapses.

10. If it breathes, it can stop breathing.
Hornet ,   D.F., MX   (09.27.18)
11. Wild Standing Ovation & glazed looks on many of their faces
UK'sARacistNation ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.27.18)
Corbyn specifically mentioned 180 Palestinians shot by Israel but when speaking of Syria he did it in less than a minute and
vaguely spoke of international attempts to seek peace but
mentioned the figure of 500,000 dead Syrians now isn't that
interesting and the crowd lukewarmly applauded but when his
Palestinian remarks were made the crowd roared its approval wildly with prolonged clapping and wide eyed glazed looks on their faces reminiscent of the looks on the faces
of Hitler's faithful ....The New Young "Educated "Left Liberal British Anti Semite and the few that aren't see no problem of throwing the
Jewish Homeland under the bus if it means Brexit defeated and the
return to the equally Anti Semitic European Union. Imagine
a half minute reference to the Syrian slaughter gets lukewarm applause
without mention of the figure of 1/2 million Syrian dead and anti Israel remarks get prolonged standing ovation....who me anti Semite ...?!
I remember in the 70's going into a fashionable card shop in the
heart of London and being shocked to find a "greeting card" rewriting
the 23rd Psalm into an Anti Semitic "psalm" targeting Jews and money.
12. Corbyn is a homoerotic practioner with
Alexander Scheiner ,   ZY, Israel   (09.27.18)
Falastinian terrorists. This used to standard practice of the Britisher in the past British mandate.

But that's not the problem. The problem with Corbyn is, that he is a psychopathic hater of Jews and Israel. He is obsessed of Jews and his political agenda consists of 90% activities against Jews and Israel. Yimach Shemo.
13. Oppression of Palestinians by their Governments
Ed ,   USA   (09.27.18)
Corbyn has no concern for the rights of Palestinians: he ignores their suppression by Palestinian governments. Someone this blind to human rights should not hold high office.
14. The man is a scumbag by any reasonable standards regardless
of political standing.
How the hell did the stupid British peasants let him get that far?!
Peasants& working class: just as abysmally dim witted as the progressive, chattering class...
Oy vey, nowhere to hide!!!
15. No Pal state because they want to destroy Jewish state
Sam ,   Montreal   (09.27.18)
How often we get these morons that complain that Palestinians still don't have a state. Israel controls the territory and will not allow a Palestinian state whose central goal is to destroy the Jewish state. So, UK recognition of a Palestinian state will change nothing. It's a make believe state for anti-semites to worship.
16. Jeremy Corbyn, the Yasser Arafat of GB..
tiki ,   belgium   (09.27.18)
jill ,   london   (09.27.18)

I think he has got it wrong when he talks about England he lacks and kind of passion whatsoever but when he talks about Palestine he is passionate and instead of having Palestine as the first thing on his agenda when he gets into power as supposedly the UK Prime Minister I think he should divert and joint leadership battle in Palestine and use his passion and his voice in a way he is obviously not so inclined in the UK about the UK

18. UK education especially unis preach antisemitism for decades
On a lower level than the Palestinians but incitement to violence nonetheless.

They deny Jewish history, legal rights as per international law, and most evil Jewish private rights, from holocaust denial to Jewish control these libels became the norm throughout the west..

This includes media, BBC guardian amongst many others, government Cameron speech of Israel judaising Jerusalem comes to mind, religious institutions including numerous mosques and churches praising the death of Jews or calling, paying for it, and universities such as soas..

This is the definition of institutional antisemitism according to their own definitions whether including Israel or not like the labor party

The Jewish so called leaders have said much of the same as the left for years denying reality and this was the predictable outcome..

We see throughout the so call called free world if law abiding citizens don't fight for their rights, those rights will be desolved.
19. Enough no legal basis for Palestinian state UN charter agree
20. Not Surprised
Gidon ,   Tel Aviv   (09.28.18)
Its a political tactic as old as time. Its called draw attention away from the real problems,to avoid blame..Britain today is a divided nation over the Brexit issue.The main political parties are tearing themselves apart . Britain today has a real problem with immigration issues...Health issues and the growing violence within its main cities..London is more dangerous than New York So what to do ? Lets not address the real issues; because if we do it doesn't look good for Labour .but lets wave Palestinian Flags..Blame the Jews / Zionists..and everyone will be happy. Rather than talk about our problems. Lets talk about someone else...These politicians are so predicable ...sadly.
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