Hamas leader Sinwar: 'I don't want any more wars'
Francesca Borri
Published: 04.10.18, 09:06
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1. Of course not he wants the Jews to emigrate.
steve ,   beer sheva   (10.04.18)
In the next war the Israelis must allow all the women, children and old men to evacuate the war zone of Gaza before the start; they can cross the border into Egypt.
That would be a humanitarian gesture - no one wants civilians caught up in the fighting.
2. Difficult Questions
Eileen ,   Kiryat Ono   (10.04.18)
Hopefully, Ms. Borri asked Mr. Sinwar to elaborate on how he claims to not want any more wars...but won't commit to not fighting.. "I'm not saying I won't fight anymore. I'm saying I don't want any more wars. What I want is an end to the siege. And then...what 'siege' is he referring to. Gaza? Gaza and West Bank? Tel Aviv, Haifa? Maybe Ms. Borri asked 'hard' questions but if she was content with doublespeak replies, her best intentions were wasted.
3. Delusional Sinwar
does not see Hamas' responsibility for the mess. Makes unrealistic demands
And to sayit in Francesca's language, il lupo perde il pelo ma non il vizio.
4. Sinwar is a psychopath
Lee ,   LA   (10.04.18)
He knows what he has to do to end the misery. He will not do it. He wants fires, tunnels and rockets his duped Gazan's be damned.
5. We're going to destroy you and you must open your borders
ab   (10.04.18)
because I want peace, says this murderer. And dumbo Israelis would listen to him..
6. YOU dont want war?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.04.18)
Heres some news for you

When we KNOW that we can acheive PEACEFULLY - A CONTIGUOUS UNIFIED VIABLE Palestinian State alongside Israel within mutually secure borders

The plan was conceived by Palestinian Academics as far back as 1999 but never saw the light of day during the heady times of Arafat and the Oslo Accords

We have tried for DECADES now coming up to ONE HUNDRED YEARS to find a resolution but never made any progress


Is it because weve been looking IN THE WRONG PLACE
7. meanwhile in Gaza incendiarism, incitement and terror go on
Alexander Scheiner ,   ZY, Israel   (10.04.18)
I understand that in the language of the terror organizations Hamas, PA, PLO and Fatah, terror, incitement for murder and incendiarism is not war.

It remains to wait a few days, when the Hamas terrorist Yahya Sinwar will resume with his usual cowardice terror.

Remember, what they say and what they do is never the same. Last but not least, ultimately they have a rule how to deal with Israel and Jews: its Taqqiyah.
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