Court rejects appeal of US student detained in Israel
Associated Press, Gilad Morag
Published: 12.10.18, 21:05
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1. What Israeli consular officer issued her visa?
Are you aware that Alqasem visited Israel in December 2017...why was she allowed in then but isn't allowed in now?
What is the point of Minister Mr. Erdan's game? Is it political? or is it just that the boy from Ashkelon who now lives in Savyon needs to prove yet again that he's made it to the big leagues? (Ain't nothing worse in life than a person of color who thinks he's white!)
2. Send her to Gaza
Empress Trudy ,   raleigh   (10.12.18)
Offer her immediate entry to Gaza and warn her when she leaves Gaza, if she ever does, that she must do it any way other than going through Israel. This ban must be in effect for life.
3. see ya
Miguel ,   Las Vegas   (10.12.18)
took a full week to deport the slime? should have been placed on any plane departing the country asap!
4. She wants her cake and eat it too
Arnie ,   Montreal   (10.12.18)
If she refuses to disavow the BDS movement then she should go back to America. She’ll get her money back.
5. Non-Israelis who hate Israel should not be allowed into
Rivkah   (10.13.18)
Israel as students or tourists. Another Israel hating group who need to be turned away at Ben Gurion Airport if they ever go back to Israel is the staff. They spew hatred of Israel almost daily when Israel is the apple of haShem's eye and will continue to exist forever.
6. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (10.13.18)
asta lavista, baby.
7. ALL democracies determine their own visa policies
queenlevine   (10.13.18)
this doesn't make us look weak - the opposite. people like her play on Israel's excellent civil rights, mocking our democracy. mocking also our desire to follow the courtesy and political correctness of western countries. we have several like her in Knesset at any given time. no need to let in any who don't have rights here. she's not an Arab Israeli - she has NO rights here, nor anywhere besides the USA. if other countries deny her access, will the media cover that? doubtful. you choose who you let in to your house. and we will choose who we let into our state. GOT IT?
8. Has Barkan Mall terrorist been found yet?
Surely Erdan understands how strategically important capturimg a terrorist is?
Yes capturing a terrorist is more difficult than harassing a student...but well l suppose harassing a student is what they do.
9. Court rejects appeal
Neil Schwartz ,   Raanana   (10.13.18)
Erdan is turning us into North Korea. Only countries with something to hide are so scared of critics that they refuse them entry.
This decision marks a sad day for Israel.
10. A difficult act of ballance - but why not study in Gaza...
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (10.13.18)
She may critique Israeli policies, but to support a world wide general boycott against Israel endangers Israels prosperity, security. Despite her assertions to not support the BDS movement any more, she could reinstate her activities after having studied in Israel with yet supposedly more "convincing" arguments because of having been there, and having witnessed the supposed "apartheid" her self.
I wouldn't let her in my private house either ...
11. An inevitability
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (10.13.18)
Unless Israel radically changes course the country seems fated to become like all the other countries in the region. Perhaps that’s what a good many people want, since Israel will no longer have to pretend to be a democracy able to tolerate dissent.
12. OK for Bibi to criticize Obama in Congress
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (10.14.18)
But not OK for anyone to criticize Israel.
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