Trump's envoy reveals plan to unite Gaza and West Bank
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 16.10.18, 12:17
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1. Only plan that Pals AND EU like is shutdown Israel by 2030
Alan ,   SA   (10.16.18)
Tel us of ONE peace thing that Abbas and Pals support.. They just repeat "We want peace"There is no chance of Pals wanting peace without a Syrian type destruction of their people and towns etc.Why should they want peace????
2. all the 8 million refugees must return,or no peace+Jerusalem
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (10.16.18)
3. Gaza and Judea & Samaria? What’s the connection, unless he’s
referring to the West Bank of Potomac river...?!
4. all the 8 million refugees must return,or no peace+Jerusalem
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (10.16.18)
5. All Palestinians Moved to Jordon and Egypt
Nachman Sanowicz   (10.16.18)
All Palestinians from W.B. and Gaza Moved to Jordon and Egypt would bring true peace.
6. Nice plan, now eat your cereal Donald....
7. netanyahu touts relations with moscow
ron   (10.16.18)
bibi can meet many times with Putin and his advisers. this does not make good relations. Moscow now has impeded Israeli actions in Syria and Lebanon not only with the s300 but with radar jamming equipment. yet bibi touts wonderful relations. what a simpleton and fool!!!!

Russia is playing on bibi's fears which are huge. They smile before the cameras but then takes Israeli secret information to its client states loading them with weapons with which to attack Israel. again bibi says relations are wonderful. they are not when it comes to security..

To be frank, bibi is an excellent trade and tourism minister, anything that does not involve security. when it comes to war and peace, he is a total failure . he doesn't understand the battlefield to this day. he has no idea on how to defeat an saw his conduct in the Gaza war. he said he put tunnels on the agenda.who cares about the agenda you moron. anyone with half a brain would have made a decision to take out the tunnels-that is the key. yet Bennett was the one who forced the issue while bibi sat there like a log. in fact he raced to ceasefire proposals before even the tunnels were dealt with.

you think he will suddenly be a bold leader. forget about it. he will dither and dither and wait till the idf guarantees him a safe plan 100% successful. otherwise he will take no action. any army cannot make such guarantees. so bibi will take no action except for more meetings with Egyptian interlocutors which will achieve nothing. bibi will not take any risk because he is scared and that is the root of the problem.It is ingrained him and he is unable to do anything about it.

likud is to blame for not removing bibi as leader. their cadre of officials form elkin, erdan, shteinitz, katz , bitan, and a few others are weak like bibi and so protect him.meanwhile Israeli land, wildlife, farms and some people get burned and killed.

did 6 million die in vain? Perhaps so.

Bennett is a much better leader. it is incomprehensible that the voters would prefer bibi. i thinks Israelis have a death wish.

the problem that Israeli have faced is that herozog, lapid, livni and gabbay are cut from the same cloth. they are also security ignoramuses as were olmert and peres.

the ones who would and could defend Israel-Bennett and feiglin, the media consistently debases so the electorate doesn't vote for them en mass.

also, if you intend to attack Gaza, you don't announce it in advance. how about some secrecy as you want to catch them off guard.

70 years after the holocaust is too soon to expect Israel to produce some non nonsense leaders.Instead it has produced weak, vacillating leaders save for a few.

It should be mandatory that every Israeli leader have in their background some training in how to fight on an individual level and an understanding of battlefield.that applies to both women and men.
8. Kushner lunacy or genius?
Jeffrey Kane ,   Vista   (10.16.18)
If this is a serious proposal to carve a phallustinian state out of land that was part of Eretz Israel for thousands of years, then Kushner has lived up to his billing as an uninformed, naive left-wing rich kid out to subvert Israel to impress his liberal NY Jewish associates on the cocktail circuit. On the other hand, if he's not as naive and subversive as I suspect, the plan may call for reasonable appearing concessions to which phallustinian resistance is intractable, the rejection of which would justify blaming them for the final relegation of the "two state solution" to the proverbial trash heap of history.
9. All the Palestinians need to be escorted out of Samaria and
Rivkah   (10.17.18)
Gaza and into the Sinai Peninsula where President Al Sisi of Egypt to kindly offered as a Palestinian homeland. That is the only way to spare their lives from the wrath of haShem. Read Zephaniah and get a clue.
10. The non-existent "people" are now to have TWO states,
cutting Israel in half, just for good measure?!
Where do we find these geniuses?!
11. "No Security Concessions" means Israel Occupation Continues
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.15.18)
... and Status Quo will be institutionalized.

Illegal Settlements will be legalized, Area C will be Annexed, Areas AB civil responsibility will be dumped onto Jordan (political Ethnic Cleansing), Gaza will be dumped onto Egypt, Abu Dis will capitol of Palestine. What is left to negotiate?

Netanyahu's Wet Dream of a Greater Israel without a Palestinian majority is coming true in his mind, but it will fail.
12. The Gaza-Strip, Judea and Samaria
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (11.23.18)
These 3 regions belong to Israel, like Galilee and the Negheb. The West-Bank only is the west/western bank of the river Jordan.
13. No problem
Jochair Thijssen ,   kfar sava Israel   (03.18.19)
Unite all Palestinians fine, thay is only a peace plan, when they are united far from Israel, how about Sibir ?
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