French media: 'Israel strikes Gaza, Palestinian killed'
Rachel Cadars and Itamar Eichner
Published: 18.10.18, 11:43
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1. so-called damage came after your snipers murdered & maimed
Andre Azuly ,   Paris   (10.18.18)
more than 5000 Pal kids none of whom ever posed a threat to your murderous army
2. Pedo Sherry loves pal boys,as Arafat did.Incidentally,France
ab   (10.18.18)
is still hiding their beloved Arafat died of AIDS in a Parisian hospital.
3. Where is the French media's complaint when terrorist kills
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.18.18)
Israeli unarmed citizen in the middle of the city ? Wait - even France
had these terrorist attacks - media approved them ?
4. trying to educate French media about fact finding.
tiki ,   belgium   (10.18.18)

French media don't know how deep to bend as not to offend their soon to be majority of new French citizens.

La belle France has become an endangered entity!
5. Bravo Israel
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte   (10.18.18)
This is the kind of smart pro-Israel activity that is needed, even though it often seems like a candle in a fast darkness.
6. Permanently expell any news service
Steven Gilbert   (10.18.18)
that blatantly misreports news by leaving out the context of the news. Then take out advertisements in competing news outlets explaining that while Israel supports freedom of the press, it will not tolerate misreporting. The press have a responsibility that limits its actions, different from the broader freedom of speech of an indvidual.
7. Propaganda to help close Israel down by EU+Muslims by 2030s
Alan ,   SA   (10.18.18)
8. Dreyfus continues, Al Dura, France fund payforslay
9. Voice of the "New French", get used to it....
10. CHAUVINISM IS A FRENCH WORD IN english harlot's trade
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (10.18.18)
Vichy France, formally French State, French État Français, (July 1940–September 1944), France under the regime of Marshal Philippe Pétain from the Nazi German defeat of France to the Allied liberation in World War II.
11. the root is AFP news agency
boker tov... ,   paris   (10.19.18)
This kind of reporting is an art form mastered by AFP
for years, which serves all the French newspapers.
As a state agency, they take instructions or hints from
France's diplomatic ministery, whose constant doctrine
is to bash Israel, Probably to disalign from USA, and please Arab countries or Iran, varying with times.
This is the root of anti Israel sentiment in France.
It is long overdue that Israel realizes where lies the problem.
12. Vichy is back. Tell Jews to leave France while they can.
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