Livni: Government wants to preserve Hamas's regime
Published: 20.10.18, 16:04
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1. All she can comment on with authority is yesterday’s weather
2. livni a spokesman for abbas and erekat
joe   (10.20.18)
livni made her fatal mistake by hooking up by olmert, a coward and crook from the past. you see what her withdrawal from gaza philadelphi route brought. her idiocy knows know no bounds. and having a law degree as she does does not immunize her from being an idiot.

the big thing about livni is more erekat than abbas. she seems to have a thing for erekat. none of her negotiations have done Israel any good .s he raved about Jordan valley sensors which are bloody useless. she signed on to general Allen's plan which is hocus pocus garbage.

the Jordan valley has to beloing to israel, no long term lease, no nothing.

for this reason, livni will never be one of the leaders in govt. unless Israel wants to commit national suicide.
3. clear recognizable goals needed
PermReader   (10.20.18)
After the decisive victories in wars, Israeli governments choose the politics of outwit the Arabs of PA and Hamas.Though this policy helps to win some time,it has no positive future, as just the demonstration of the weakness.
4. The essence of life is CHANGE
Sarah ,   Ashkelon   (10.20.18)
What a great change of speech and image!

Nobody would recognize Ms Livni now!

Suddenly, things have become much more difficult for Mrs. Ayelet Shaked.

If this woman is able to resolutely oppose the creation of a Palestinian entity and to support Yehudah and Shomron settlers, she will win next elections by landslide.

Netanyahu has become a walking dead!
5. Blaming the Victim, Divide & Rule, Perpetual War, Land Theft
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (10.20.18)
Jews need perpetual enemies to justify Apartheid, Greater Israel, Occupation of West Bank, Blockade of Gaza, Bombing of Neighbors, Attacks on Iran.
6. prove her wrong. target kill Hamas leaders.
7. She makes sense but
Avi L.   (10.20.18)
She makes sense when she says that Hamas is functional to Bibi's "politics" but the objective should be of taking out Hamas head and letting the corps getting eaten by the rats of the various factions
8. But whats in the Palestinian national interest?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.20.18)
Four steps to progress

Gaza, West Bank and the Palestinian Diaspora have to speak with one voice

Hamas and Israel must negotitate a joint PERMANENT CEASEFIRE followed by a joint Palestinian and Israel 'Declaration of Principles'
The estabishment of a UNIFIED, CONTIGUOUS and VIABLE Palestinian State alongside Israel within mutually secure borders'

Strengthening cfnnectivity between West Bank and Gaza for trade and social and economic COHESION and inward PA investment into Gaza for rebuilding infrastructure including the new city of New Ramallah, as well as investment for tourism, manufacturing, service and trading opportunities

A national debate and referendum on the options for the way forward
1.TWO separate and independent Palestines in Gaza and West Bank
2.ONE Palestinian state in 2 entities in Gaza and West Bank connected by highway through Israel
3.West Bank federated with Jordan and Gaza federated with Egypt
4.A single unified contiguous and viable Palestine alongside Israel with borders configured by means of land exchanges and land purchases based on the Palestinian 1999 Plan

ONLY when we begin to know WHERE we are going, we can all work out HOW TO GET THERE
9. Livni lied blamed Israel for negotiation failure-treason
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