Netanyahu stresses Khan al-Ahmar to be evacuated despite postponement
Ittai Shickman, Itamar Eichner
Published: 21.10.18, 11:10
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1. netanyahus have been nothing but a pain in the rear
harold   (10.21.18)
from reading yoni's letters, I was struck by his frenetic words.... hold on one more time..., one more moment,the anxiety written into them. my reaction was shut the hell up, calm down and fight. quit whining and yapping.

ariel sharon did not behave like this.

next we come to bibi-the same anxiety marks him. .....yes, no, does everyone agree, what will trump say or putin? can you guarantee this action, then i won't do it. speeches yes, fighting-build a fence and hide behind it.. icc says it may prosecute demolition of west bank squatters. instead of demolishing the squatters village as the supreme court said could be done, bibi postpones it indefinitely. then lieberman and bennett react furiously so bibi say no no, it will be destroyed in several weeks.

the bottom line is you have a bulls*t artist covering up for his deficiencies as a leader.why his father reportedly said bibi is at most a foreign minister, not a decisive pm.

and these deficiencies are irreparable, deep within his character.

he will be indicted without question unless he cuts a deal. if olmert did some jail time, bibi deserves some as well.

it is taking a long time to transform the shtetl subservient jew to the proud upright israeli.
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