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Recent reported measles case sparks public debate about vaccines
Iris Lifshitz-Kliger, Noam Barkan and Rotem Elizera
Published: 05.11.18, 19:32
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1. Scientific?
David ,   Jerusalem   (11.05.18)
After 60yrs and 100's of millions (billions?) of people following a vaccine schedule all over the world. The largest and longest medical intervention ever can someone explain to me why there's never been done 1 single study looking at a control group of unvaccinated people? Over this same period of time we've had dozens of new and explosions of other diseases without explanation. If unvaccinated people have better health or not isn't this worth investigating?
2. one sided- what about real research.
Jake ,   Petach Tikva   (11.05.18)
Parents don't vaccinate their children because they are concerned about the safety of vaccines nd the welfare of their children. . Many children have been harmed and even died from inoculations. There are scientists and doctors that vehemently disagree with the article above.
Shame on these irresponsible people.
3. very unfair
shloime ,   toronto   (11.06.18)
anti-vaxxers aren’t just harmless eccentrics, or lunatics playing russian roulette with their own health - they are endangering the lives of their children, and of everyone else in their community.

young children shouldn’t be dying of preventable diseases in the 21st century, no matter what these crazy people believe! this insanity must be stopped.
4. keep unvaccinated away from kindergartens and schools!
doda   (11.06.18)
5. Not black and white
Shilgia ,   Israel   (11.06.18)
I am one of those parents that does not vaccine my kids against everything. They did get basic vaccinations like measles but do not get others like the flu-vaccine. It's not all black and white and rules for certain vaccinations do vary from country to country.
6. The Older Crowd
Andrea ,   Jerusalem   (11.06.18)
As an older person on Steroid therapy which lowers my immune system, being exposed to Measles could actually kill me. I don't own a car so traveling by bus puts me at high risk. On Steroid therapy, I cannot be immunized as I could come down with the disease. I'm sure there are many older people like myself that this situation greatly affects. Born in 1952, parents did not immunize for these childhood diseases, but back then I had a strong immune system. Not so now. How I wish I had been immunized then!
7. Medical Fascism?
Dina B ,   moshav bar giora   (11.07.18)
I agree with comments 1 and 2 (David and Jake). Many people who are against routine vaccination have bothered to read books and scientific articles about vaccines and about diseases and disease epidemics. Unfortunately the Israeli public,including some of its doctors, is being brainwashed by an increasingly aggressive pharmacological industry (that even influences medical training). The unfortunate death of an infant from measles needs to be looked at in terms of her general health and the health of her immune system. Do children in the ultra-orthodox community have access to proper nutrition to build their immune system?
8. Can we talk about this?
David ,   Jerusalem   (11.08.18)
So is this a fair summary? For 99.99% of infectious diseases that we have encountered in human history the pattern is that it can take between 1-2 generations for the bug to reach it's maximum damage peak before dropping off at a similar rate for the next 1-2 generations before tailing away. For the .01% however that we developed a vaccine the experience is the same but credit for the reduced threat is overwhelmingly because of the vaccine, in addition to some other modern medical marvels. Then to protect the herd we have to continue to vaccinate until at least Messiah arrives. Why do I feel like I'm in an animal shute here.
9. German Supreme Court Rules - No Measles Virus
Nobody ,   Jerusalem   (11.21.18)
"Biologist Stefan Lanka Bets Over $100K Measles Isn’t A Virus; He Wins In German Federal Supreme Court"


Not newsworthy???
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