Will Netanyahu call snap elections?
Yuval Karni
Published: 15.11.18, 11:18
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1. Poor Israel being led by a gang of schnorrer misfits
Al   (11.15.18)
2. What country has this become?
shachalnur ,   mexico   (11.15.18)
Of the last 6 prime ministers 2 were snuffed and 1 ended up in jail.
Number 4 is in trouble and might end up dead or in jail soon.
So he makes himself Prime Minister .Defense minister,Health minister and whatever Minister,just like in a Banana Republic
Your Defense minister was a Moldovian bouncer ,and a little Fascist wants to be the next one.
And all off this disfunctional behaviour is caused by .....Anti-Semites.
I lived in Israel in the 80's ,and left when I saw this is a failed state.
Do Judaism a favor and wrap it up ,before you kill us all.
3. hangbi, bibi and bennett
marcel   (11.15.18)
hanegbi is a former kadima livni stooge, a dumbbell.

as for bibi, you will be wiped out in the election if there is not a change in the defense posture. unless you give defense to Sennett to change the situation, your govt falls and faster than you think. the publiic has lost confidence in you.

and once at defense, you can be sure bennett will be ignoring your input.
4. Loved the photo of those savages handing out sweets
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.15.18)
Let them choke on their sweets.
5. Notenoughportfolioyahuuuu is still runjing the game
Tehraniporou   (11.15.18)
sexy shaked in black stockings as pm, quickly
6. Is this what will turn the voters against likud? Last straw?
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