Netanyahu, ministers play blame game amid threat of early elections
Yuval Karni
Published: 18.11.18, 09:16
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1. Perhaps PM & Bennet will agree on the No. Of Pal kids to
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (11.18.18)
be killed, and the crisis will be over! Isn't that the crux of the matter with regard to the latest crisis?
2. get done quickly with the elections
trump is waiting to publish the deal of the century soon thereafter.
Robert ,   Israel   (11.18.18)
I always thought Netanyahu was the best option,...until this last confrontation with Hamas. I think time has come for a change and give others an opportunity.
4. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (11.18.18)
politics and power. not a good time for elections that will show Hamas disunity.
clean up Gaza problem first. make life so miserable for Gaza people that they may calm down their terrorist acts. it will never stop as long as Hamas is in control but it can be reduced to liveable levels. Israel has a cancer on its border that must be contained or killed. if not it will infect Israel. fight fire with fire. now is not the time for intellectual rhetoric or politics.
5. Play all the games you want: we the People KNOW!!!!
6. He will out-spin and out-sloganeer you until 2095.
Roberto Feldmann ,   Santiago de Chile   (11.18.18)
Netanyahu will out-spin, out-sloganeer anybody in order to keep compulsvely out-manipulating and out-maneuvering. He calls that "governing" and does it with admirable vigour and indefatigable health. He's -so to speak- posessed by his compulsive addiction to politicking. More than a decade of selling it as virtuous statesmanship, Israelis need to discern he's not the selfless, principled and resolute leader he sells them to be. If not, he will keep "governing" to keep his behind on the PM's seat forever, until he dies of natural causes circa 2095.
7. it is not possible to continue govt
joe   (11.18.18)
it is not possible to continue this govt, not with bibi at defense. this is impossible. this miscast diplomat has no business ever being involved in security. he has damaged Israeli security. and security officials are not always correct. recall zeira in 73, halutz in 2006, barak who did not want to do the syrian raidin 2007 and others who were against the osiraq raid in 81

look at the bravado of sinwar of gaza threatening tel aviv. you never here israelis saying if that happens, israel will raze gaza. bibi shrinks from such declarations. he is unfit for defense or any security portfolio. that much is clear.

if elections are held in march, likud would be lucky to get 15 seats. bibi will not be and doesn't deserve to be pm. he is a security failure like olmert was-same story.

he will have his hands full with indictments, and without the benefit of the pm office. Israelis will reject him coldly.he should blame himself for his gutlessness.
8. this is what netanyahu has brought to israel
barry   (11.18.18)

Uri Heitner | The price of restraint
The erosion of deterrence encourages and emboldens the enemy and brings us closer to war. Restraint has brought us a thousand rockets in recent months. Hezbollah recognizes this failure, as does Iran

bibi thanks trump for resolution against Golan. he begs Putin endlessly while Putin allies with iran. he grovels constantly. now he says there is a sensitive security situation that needs the current govt. it does not need netanyahu who has been the main problem all along. he as defense minister is a bloody joke that costs Israel. he doesn't know what he is doing. he thinks he does because of his background. wrong-he doesn't know what he is doing period when it comes to security. he has damaged Israeli security.

idf had to respond massively to the 500 rockets to maintain Jewish honor regardless of other considerations. the failure to act is now being pocketed by Israel's enemies and emboldens them as heitner writes.

elections are necessary to permit the public to punish bibi for his failures in security.
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