IDF's Merkava IV crowned one of the world's best tanks
Itamar Eichner
Published: 29.11.18, 19:08
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1. Has the Merkava IV served in any real action yet?
Cameron   (11.30.18)
If so, how did the crews rate her service?
2. T-90A is a modernized T-72, it's a death trap
Juha Teuvonnen   (11.29.18)
T-90A has 2A46M-2 for a main gun, which is a somewhat modernized version of the 125mm 2A46 from T-72. Not that great of a gun, definitely inferior to the 120mm that M1 and later versions of Merkava are equipped with.

T-90M has 2A82-1M, which is supposed to be an improved version of the Russian 125mm gun. That's a different gun and a different tank as opposed to T-90A. Russians say that this new 2A82-1M gun is really good. Nobody knows, because nobody has seen it in action. The rest of the T-90 is pretty much the same deathtrap that T-72 has always been.
3. Merkava breaks down too much.not good for long range driving
oleg ,   Florida   (11.29.18)
for the price of one Merkava you can buy 2-3 Russian tanks with less maintnence problems. The russian t-90 has a crew of only 3. Israeli built systems are too expensive to produce. they learned how to spend money from their brothers in america. A country like israel can go bankrupt fast. Quantity is always better than quality.
4. No Israeli tanks in War on Terror, why? Israel afraid.
5. all tanks have good and bad sides
zionist forever   (11.30.18)
Most tanks are better in some areas then others. The Merkava is slow compared to American and European tanks but it's well protected and the Mark 4 is probably comparable to western tanks like Abrams when it comes to the modern systems.
I am surprised they list the T90 as best tank as its just an updated version of the T72 and the best tank in the world is generally considered to be the new Russian T14 Armarta which is a true next generation tank rather than en evolution of an earlier tank.
6. I hope the damn thing son happens to
Al   (11.30.18)
Comnand one of these babies..
7. Gen. 4 tanks are capable but ATGMs are in the lead...
Hornet ,   D.F., MX   (12.01.18)
and crew quality/training plays a huge role but when a 5 million USD 4th generation battle tank gets taken out by a 85K USD missile, tanks get hard to justify. If the enemy has any sort of post-60's ATGM system, the tank's best role is as an illumination device when they go up in flames. Pity their crews.
8. Unfortunately the Russian Tanks are better and those they
steve ,   beer sheva   (12.01.18)
............ will supply to our enemies.
Amnon ,   Atlanta   (12.02.18)
I as a x tankist using the Sherman in 67-73 can say it is not the tank that kills it is the crew that know how to use the tank and electronics ,sehel wins wars iron is secondary.
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