Syria: we downed Israeli plane and missiles
Daniel Salami
Published: 30.11.18, 00:41
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1. LOLSyria probably downed another Russian aircraft w. S-300.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.30.18)
2. Yes, very believable
Sheikh Yahudi ,   Damascus, Israel   (11.30.18)
Also, Assad grew wings and flew into the Trump tower in Tel Aviv.
3. Santa Claus spotted flying over Damascus.
4. The 747 should never be allowed to leave Syria.
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.30.18)
Used to transfer war material? Or Iranian 'advisors?' Blow it us where it sits. It's the only way to be sure. I bet those 747 pilots are pretty nervous about trying to fly home. (and they should be.)
5. Future Headlines, IAF F-35s shot down over Lebanon and Syria
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.30.18)
Israel fears Russian missiles, and Russian military, hence no IAF Aircraft fly near Lebanon and Syria now.
6. Assad lies as well as he murders--very well
C   (11.30.18)
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (12.01.18)
Of cash or possibly gold to buy S-500 air defense system. Valdi is luaghing his Behind off while he is got the mullahs helping him extort money from the poor Iranians. ISIS gave the best excuse to Valdi to naked money in war business. Now, mullahs get their commissions in EU banks since EU loves Iran Nuke deal so so much... When will my people wake up and realize that they being used to death? When? They are giving free oil to Valdi under the false BS protection from ISIS.
8. Steve Benassi attempting to become a comedian & plops! :-D
ardeth bey ,   Detroit   (12.01.18)
Yes indeed, ye ol Stevie spews out a burst of nonsensical words in an article that just states that Syria has gone to the UN because of Israeli fighter jets once again pounding the area. And then one who belongs in the Dumbbell of Fame has the atrocity to write that Israel doesn't dare fly near Syria anymore because of the the s-300's and s-400's. Way to go Stevie! :-D
9. they downed a paper plane carried by the wind
over the Golan border?
10. Esau Can't Aim.
Lenraff ,   Conway,SC   (12.02.18)
The invisible Hand fly the IAF. He decides who gets shot down! Not Esau!!
11. Missile attack
Ralph Lews ,   los angeles   (12.03.18)
At the time of the attack Eisenkot was attending Alsheikhs party to distract the Syrian and Iranian spies, he succeeded to distract them by single handily downing three Syrian cheesecake slices two Iranian Shahid cream pies and one Hizbollah ice cream cone disguised as a missile all while holding a glass of Russian vodka
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