Hezbollah releases video threatening Israel
Daniel Salami
Published: 01.12.18, 11:18
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1. Hizbollah releases video threatening Israel
Ayatullah ,   Abuja   (12.01.18)
It's better to take the threat seriously. Hizbollah is definitely not known for empty threats. Shallom to the wise and peaceful Jews.
2. Let’s stop the warmongering and send me the Mossad agents
Tehraniporou   (12.01.18)
Aged 22-30 with curly brown or blond hairs with green or blue eyes with a welcoming attitude
3. Nasrallah...justifying his existence
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.01.18)
What he fails to do IS LOOK OVER HIS SHOULDER

All of Lebanon is watching his every move to ENSURE he doesn't conduct another Iranian war FROM LEBANESE TERRITORY that ends up with Lebanon picking up the pieces

And whatever his bluster and swagger HE CANT HIDE FROM THE FACT THAT Hezbollah-Iran ILLEGALLY continue to expropriate and colonise Lebanese territory to use as an Iranian military base and missile storage dumps to conduct their own wars of aggression that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH LEBANON
Hezbollah can do Israel a lot of damage.Israel can do Hezbollah a lot more damage !
6. Israel can listen to the message, or ignore it, not more.
Ken   (12.01.18)
7. Missile GPS Guidance can be jammed, Inertial Guidance cannot
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (12.01.18)
Question is, does Hezbollah have high quality Inertial Guidance system on their missiles, and if so, Israel is in big trouble.

8. Hezbollah and Israel
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (12.01.18)
Hezbollah is no better than, for example hamas, islamic jihad, al quaida and islamic state and so on. All have to do with "islam" and threatening Israel. Committing crime and terror/terrorism.
9. ehud barak comeback
real   (12.01.18)
ehud barak is reported maneuvering to form a left of center bloc to throw likud and bibi out of power.the public needs reminding of what barak did as pm. he did zilch to fight terror, offered concessions that harmed Israel; and later understaffed the Marmara endangering the commandos. he was lousy and ineffectual as pm.

bibi will likely 'retire' after indictments which are coming no doubt. Bennett will take over in a coalition with likud, zehut, the religious parties, orly, and possibly leiebrman . kulano may join in or part of kulano with gen galant.

as for gantz, the media has a bad habit of anointing sub-par generals. gantz was not a turn around general in the Hezbollah war.and he was ineffectual in the Gaza war as shapira report criticized him severely.. gantz is a general I would not support at all.

the idea that Israel would give up strategic points, replay Oslo endangering its security further in Judea, Samara and the Jordan valley is lunacy. only a livni could vote for it.. her enthusiastic endorsement of the gen Allen plan of sensors shows what an ignoramus she is on security.

bibi is better than ehud barak. he is trying his best. but if he wins the next election, Israel's security is better in Bennett's hands. Since it may be necessary to wage a preemptive all out war with Hezbollah, Israelis should not hoodwink themselves. it is either hit them hard or wait till they hit you first. Israel cannot afford leaders like lapid, gabbay, livni , barak and even bibi. it needs to have a govt with Ariel Sharon type general leading an all out mixed asymmetric/symmetric campaign.

bibi and left of center coalitions cannot take casualties. there may be 5000 dead in the next . Israelis must not forget the big picture-it has to fight for its defense. Forget about usa, eu and russia.
10. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.02.18)
Arabs love fairy tales and think they are true. why be real if it is hard when it is easy to delude yourself. same with cooperation to prosper rather than conflict to kill and destroy each other. another generation down the toilet.
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