40 doctors suspected of falsifying med school accreditation
Ahiya Raved
Published: 02.12.18, 10:12
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1. So....are they good doctors? :-) They can always re-brand
themselves as licensed contractors!
(Although they may cause even more damage in that capacity..)
"Catch me if you can" is rampant all over the world.
Anyone that can stand sight of blood& puss is 70% on his/her merry way to be a "doctor".
All you need is to be able to find the proper medicine on Google.
Actually: diagnostics should be replaced by AI(artificial intelligence) ASAP.
A program that REMEMBERS tens of millions of symptoms and has "seen" billions of x-rays will seldom give a wrong diagnose.
A flesh&bone doc, after a rough night at the pub& fight with wife does err all the time.
2. Sounds fishy
Petra Moss ,   Monmouth   (12.02.18)
How come all the suspects were Arab. How come they passed the accreditation exams if they had not studied medicin? Have any non-Arab doctors or medical staff had to undergo the scrutiny ?
3. And what is a REAL diploma from Armenia worth?
David ,   New york   (12.02.18)
4. Mr.
Zeev ,   Raanana   (12.02.18)
Here is the real problem: are there any criteria set by the Health Ministry for the foreign universities? Is it that any institution calling itself a medical school is considered a valid alma mater of candidate doctors?
5. How does Israel validate the credentials of these guys?
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.02.18)
"Hi, credentialing panel? I earned my MD degree at Walmart in only 1 year Here's my paperwork! When can I start work?"

Maybe the passing grade on the accreditation exam needs to be raised. How is it that it took this long for someone to realize that there are MD diploma mills? And as #2 states, only Arabs do this? Really? No Jews pull this stunt to get a license? The entire roster of physicians and dentists needs to be examined. Anyone 'graduating' from these schools in less than 4 years must retake a new certification exam.

As for the doctors and dentists from these schools who did pass their Israeli certification exams and have no patient complaints against them, I'd let them continue to practice. They'll know that they're being closely watched.
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