Israeli women to strike in protest against domestic violence
Yedioth reporters
Published: 02.12.18, 14:41
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1. What happened to love?
Sam ,   Montreal   (12.02.18)
How is it that the relationships degenerate so quickly into violence? What do men have to say about the situation? Are the women doing something to provoke them?
2. Women"s rights also are human rights
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (12.02.18)
The Israëli society/community is capable to solve this issue in a fair, honest, human and right way. This publicity only can happen in a country, belonging to the free, human and democratic world, including Israel, as an example to any other country (more than 190, according to the United Nations Organization, U.N.) on our planet Earth/in our universe/multiverse. PLEASE DEAR G.D, ALSO GIVE WISDOM AND YOUR BLESSING TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE AND ISRAEL.
3. #1 Say what!?
Cushi ,   Brisbane   (12.02.18)
“Are the women doing something to provoke them?”
Being intelligent able is no provocation, men do not havea God-Given ownership and controlling rights over women.
Sam, do you feel provoked being in the shadows of able and bright
women? If so just keep it in your pocket and walk away.
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