Bennett slams Netanyahu: 'You tried to hurt my wife'
Itamar Eichner
Published: 06.12.18, 09:17
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1. Is this kosher?
Marcel Pfister ,   Basel, Switzerland   (12.06.18)
"....Bennett's wife, Gilat, worked as a chef at non-kosher restaurants". What would that prove? Is there a law against non-kosher restaurants? Is it illegal to work in a non-kosher restaurant?
2. the "augias stables"......
tomer ,   jerusalem   (12.06.18)
its mindboggling and completely sad to see by what "politicians",or better
to say what "polit-actors" we are governed by.
its all about greed,personal animosities,corruption and selfinterest under the cover of doing it for the people of israel.
Despicable this "sewage" of leaders of israel.The bad smell rises out of
any mouth of this government.
We need a serious "root channel" treatment. These guys and ladies "top down" are not worthy to lead us anymore. Hoping the diluge will wash
them away........ you did your time and your money on our backs.
Now its time to elect new ,fresh,clean leaders with vision and management
capabilities to implement a future plan for the state of Israel.
3. She must have been a smart chef, made the right choices.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.06.18)
But actually, some of the kosher restaurants in Israel aren't bad and wisely they keep the religious customers away from us.
4. kindergarden bully angry for DM-threat failure?
5. In Defense
joseph goldberg ,   Gush   (12.06.18)
Does Bennet realize that he is accusing the Chairman of the Committee to Prevent Violence Against Women?
6. Intellectual level
Zvi ,   Toronto   (12.06.18)
What a low level people running the country.
7. Jews smearing Jews, poetic justice for smearing Americans
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (12.06.18)
... for speaking in defense of the Palestinian people.

8. 2 pompous blowhearts worrying about their wives...oh please
Al   (12.06.18)
these 2 maniacs care only about themselves...and only themselves.
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