Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Criticism of Israel's support of far-right leaders is hypocritical
Ben - Dror Yemini
Published: 11.12.18, 22:24
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1. In Left's view support of Israel is insignificant while
support of "Palestine" is paramount.
2. Let's ask....
claudio ,   nahariya   (12.12.18)
If he is from the far right and want to visit Israel closer to Christmas or take his time to wiew for himself whats going on on the North border we must forbid him because what are going to (think) the leftists of the world?????
3. The reality is simple.
PaulD ,   jerusalem   (12.11.18)
The far-right shows a lot more moral responsibility than the pagans on the Left.
4. A completely dumb op-ed
Tc ,   Rehovot   (12.12.18)
So, just because the left has no problem to pander with some oppressive regimes like Iran should make it right for Israel to be in cahoots with the far right?
Sounds like a trump speech for some Maga hat wearer. Not really bright to say the least.
5. Israel should not align itself with tyrants
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Mount Laurel, NJ USA   (12.12.18)
As a Jewish American who loves Israel it sickens me that Israeli leaders have embraced dictators who oppress their own people and deny them human rights from the leader of the Philippines, to the leaders of Hungary, Austria, Italy, and the thug in Saudi Arabia who murders journalists because they disagree with him.

This is not the 1950's or 1960's where Israel had few friends and had to accept any support it could find. The Israel of 2018 is one of the top five countries in high technology, has the second best airforce in the world, the mideast's most powerful military, and has a booming economy. Israel does not and should not and should never align itself with nations that prohibit their own citizens from enjoying freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly to protest their government.

A nation that was once considered a light unto nations should never be rolling out the red carpet for dictators and thugs who are facists and whose political parties are full of anti-semites.
6. Matteo Salvini...the '''ultra right populist''
tiki ,   belgium   (12.12.18)
But, together with the east European countries & Austria are the only realists trying to save the European continent from its Armageddon caused by the PC stupidity of the Northern & Western leaders + the non elected EU politburo.

Rivlin, who 'couldn't find the time or courtesy to invite the Italian PM should go on a retreat in a Vegan Kibbutz He's losing the plot!

The leftist critics & ardent followers of peacemaking terrorist Abbas & friends and probably waiting for the day that Corbyn will take over in Britain should follow him.
7. If Írán and Venezuela are the new standards....
then ho ahead. Who cares that these far-right politicians also call for gassing people (In Czechia and Germany) and deny/relativize the holocaust (Hungary, Czechia, Poland). We have Írán as a new standard, so who cares about “never again”, right?
8. The West is gone.
Steven Allsopp   (12.12.18)
Morally bankrupt as well as economically bankrupt. The West can preach to nobody and keep their head up straight.
9. Please let’s remain sane and not compare a good leader like
Tehraniporou   (12.12.18)
Mark Rutte to Salvini who wants to blackmail Europe. I hate the populist that are proisraeli and the left that are insane or in bed with the mullahs. In fact I am very much in favour of macron, he seems to be one of the very few sane leaders in the eu.
10. If the Left/Liberals are against something: sure sign it's
the right thing and we should totally ignore their shrill protests.
11. Isn't nazism considered far right?
DOV ,   USA   (12.12.18)
Salvini is a member of the neo-nationalist movement, a rightist ideology which emphasizes anti-globalization, nativist and protectionist stances.Why do Israeli politicians need to embrace any right or left extremists???
12. Most Western antisemitism is left wing/Islamic
13. Love our friends. Slam our foes into the ground
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.12.18)
The normal natural human thing to do is to love your friends and slam your foes into the ground, when necessary. This is exactly what Israel should do. This is what should guide Israel's attitude towards friends like Trump, most Republicans, Christian Zionists, Conservatives, most rightists etc. It should also guide our treatment of our foes like "Palestinians", many U.S. Democrats, and almost all leftists.
14. The far left and the far right..
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (12.13.18)
Both movements are the 2 sides of the same
"Coin".both are "pathological hierachies" which maintain only their view is correct.all others they denounce.both have to be fought with all we"ve got.
15. When Farrakhan and David duke agree with you whose EVIL EU
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