Israel: World must rein in Hezbollah's acts of aggression
Published: 12.12.18, 13:49
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1. classic netnayahu
ray   (12.12.18)
world must rein in hezbollah-this is classic bibi.on his own he is paralyzed by fright, so he asks world, Prussian, usa to take care of the problem. he does this constantly. with russia in particular, his info and that of his generals shared is transferred over to iran and hezbollah.

i think we should stop asking him to do something he cannot do. he was totally miscast as a commando-totally. he is a diplomat good with words and speeches, he should never have been taken into the military. he does not have a military leader's bearing.

he tries but it doesn't work. enemies pick up the cues of fright. he like olmert before him harms Israeli deterrence.
2. Actions speak louder than words, Israel end occupation,make
Ken   (12.12.18)
Peace. Problem solved with Lebanon, Syria, Iran , Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey,Jordan, Egypt,Tunisia, EU, USA, world court, South Africa, India, do I need to go on? Instead of buying bullets, buy bread.
3. an innocent baby is gunned down and bibi does nothing
joe   (12.12.18)
adversaries need to pay a huge price for taking Jewish life.-10-1. bibi stands around giving speeches while Israelis are picked off.

to hell with him and the idf. arm yourselves and take care of perpetrators in the fielld,
4. drive by terrorist shootingkilled baby
martin   (12.12.18)
when the drive by shooter is apprehended, his family, relatives and accomplices should be thrown in jail, then the shooter should convicted and hanged. his family and close ones should be given jail terms. the familial home should be destroyed along with the homes of his relatives. If they are citizens, they should be removed from citizenship.
5. Hezbollah-Shmezbollah: it's Islam, stupid!
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