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US to pull all troops from Syria as Trump declares victory over ISIS
Published: 19.12.18, 18:56
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1. BIG setback for Israel, Jordan, Saudia, & Egypt; a BIG bonus
Rafi ,   US   (12.19.18)
to Putin, Iran, & Turkey's Erdogan....

Putin must be again squeezing Trump's body parts...

Under certain scenarios, it's actually disastrous for Israel and the Kurds, and could lead to war in the North...

Let's see what Trump's die-hard, right-wing Jewish defenders have to say now...
2. Why not, US is fast becoming a non-player in most world
Lots of posturing & puffin' and huffin'.....that's about it!
3. Reminds of lil' Bush declaring "mission accomplished"
Avi L.   (12.19.18)
Reminds of lil' Bush declaring "mission accomplished", with the difference that he was not Putin's puppet
4. How much anybody can count o Donald
Avi L.   (12.19.18)
5. Trump is smart in pulling US troops out of Syria,
it will become Putin's Vietnam and besides, America hasn't won a war since the American Civil War, a war they couldn't lose.
6. Trump is morphing into Obama
C   (12.19.18)
trump is gifting syria to genocidal shia iran and to murderous russia.
he is betraying the kurds after receiving threats from erdogan.

israel is experiencing the largest betrayal by any us ally.
iran, russia, will be sitting right across thhe border from idf soldiers.

who is in charge of the united state?
7. The Yankees are washing their hands of it
Cameron   (12.20.18)
News that has Americans smiling & nodding with deep approval.

Brother Trump makes the fundamentally right move yet again.

Syria was always a true waste of time and resources.

We leave it to it's grim fate in the festering heat of the ME.
Jesus ,   NYNY   (12.20.18)
9. Ruusia finished US's ISIS plott
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (12.20.18)
The illegal US presence in Syria ends after Russia destroyed the western supported ISIS.
The result of the US interventions. .. war, refugies, chaos. ...
Israel will continue to work with Russia, which is genially intersted in piece, as all other nations in ME should be.
For US it's one of many geopolitical stages, which it has to leave now and more to come, due to Russia's neutralization of the US's carier fleet.
Experts understand it.
The proclamation that US has finished up ISIS and therefore leaves Syria is yet another fake US victory, similar as to who deafeated Hitler - it was the Red Army. ...
10. Trump
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (12.21.18)
Trump at one time being a constructive disrupter has now morphed into a pathetic ignorant egomaniac
11. The CIA was paying ISIS. The CIA needs to be audited.
12. Trump is a tremendously smart man, he'll make one of the
greatest American Presidents,
there's little doubt about that.
Just look at the hysterical, pathological reactions of the bromidic Dems/Liberals, call-them-what-you-want, deranged losers of last elections!
13. Why should American kids die for Israel?
Ani ,   NYC   (12.25.18)
If Israel wants the dismemberment of Syria it should achieve it with its own second rate army!
I hope this will not be censored.
14. hooray for Trump
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (12.28.18)
Yes usa must not fight other peoples war. IS is an Arab problem . Arabs need to deal with it.
Trump is totally correct, by not further implicating Americans.
15. I always declare 'not having come' when pulling out!
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