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Did Israeli tech end the drone problem plaguing UK airport?
Published: 23.12.18, 21:03
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1. BDS?
Ed ,   USA   (12.24.18)
All of a sudden BDS doesn't look like a good idea. This situation shows how ridiculous the BDS movement is.
2. Muslims do only Global Jihad. Jews save lives in many ways.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.24.18)
3. Bds supporters should not fly from Gatwick
4. bragging about tech stolen from the Americans
Noam Ephraim ,   London   (12.24.18)
5. No good deed will go unpusnished,Perfidious Albion will co-
ab   (12.23.18)
-ndemn Israel in near future for defending itself , just wait
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