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The 'great awakening' of Israeli Ethiopian youth
Ortal Mogas
Published: 25.12.18, 22:10
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1. Same as me
Me   (12.26.18)
I came with a name and was given a female name, only to find out that my name is actually a very common nickname in Israel. First encounter with the IQ level of our ashkenazi elite. Since then I managed to screw 180 white skinned and the hand is wide open
2. Ethiopian Jews
Allen Moses ,   Brooklyn   (12.26.18)
From what I have seen the Ethiopian Jews in Israel are incredibly special. Making Aliyah and integrating into Israel is very tough. It was not easy for the Yemeni or Morrocan Jews either. But please keep with it. Ethiopian Jews make Israel a far, far richer and rewarding country.
3. Very very happy
Leah   (12.26.18)
As an olah from the US, we initially settled in Beersheva in 1985, and lived next door to an Ethiopian community. I was impressed by the customs, and respect and honor with which they conducted themselves but as time went on I felt sickened and ashamed at how the Ethiopian Jews were treated in this country. It is so right, that you are going back to your beautiful given names, the Kessoch ( the rejection of which by the Orthodox rejected being only one of the crimes committed against the community) and your amazing, beautiful customs. Many of the comments are proof of what the article is saying. This article was like a healing balm.
4. Lol..funny story
Al   (12.26.18)
A couple of years ago I met an Israeli Ethiopian who left Israel to live in Canada.

No being PC..
I told her in Israel you're a Jewish woman here in Canada you're just another swartzhe...she didn't get it..but I'm sure she'll get it in time.

Travelling the world trying to find Jews and bringing them home to Israel to have them going back to what they were us just plain too funny.
5. We are a very very racst society even against other Jews
Avi Kleinsloff ,   HAIFA   (12.26.18)
6. Kol hakavod! You are beautiful just as you are!
Vered, Israel   (12.26.18)
7. Too much is expected from our 'society' by virtually every-
body, our own people included.
We're doing a fantastic, amazing and (to quote Donald) tremendous job at absorbing multitudes of totally different kinds of people from all over the planet!
Sometimes it just takes little longer and is tougher to implement.
No problem with 'roots', as long as they don't forget they're here for good and bad.
They, just like everyone else, must fight for their lot in life just like the teachers, the nurses, the 'Russians' or the LGBT do.
8. Ethiopians Jews are the children
Tova   (12.25.18)
of King Solomon and Sheba. The Ethiopians are in the IDF. They do their best for Israel.

The Ethiopians have the same rights as anyone in Israel. Judaism is not white skin or black skin. GOD created all the earth and every breathing being.
9. ILstop looking for lost tribes.It doesnt work out in the end
Alan ,   SA   (12.26.18)
10. Stay!! We want you..exactly as you are!
Danni ,   Tel Aviv   (12.26.18)
Don't go back to Africa. You are Israeli and Jewish just like everyone else. You have the same claim to it all as everyone else does, and are integral! And yes, be Ethiopian. The colors and traditions make our society richer Be proud, be what you are, and be HERE!!
11. Friendly fences make friendly neighbours
N ,   N   (12.26.18)
It's a good thing that they preserve their tradition and language. And the speakers of Yiddish and others should preserve their language and tradition as well. But it must not transgress to encapsulation. In order to avoid that, one should teach the special languages and traditions to each other. Why not learn some basic words of Yiddish or Tigrinya?
12. New name at the Masonic age of 33, Strange Indeed.
Jesus ,   NYNY   (12.26.18)
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