Secret stipend claimed by just one Holocaust survivor
Telem Yahav
Published: 26.12.18, 16:44
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1. Inquire about Survivors' Rights
orah matlaw   (12.26.18)
Any Holocaust Survivor or their relative should call the Authority for Holocaust Survivors (in Hebrew or Russian) at 03-568-2651. Be equipped with the Survivor's Israeli identity number, country and year of birth. Ask the call center representative, "What illnesses does the Authority recognize in the Survivor?" Then ask, "How can the Survivor's pension be increased?" This works best for those who made aliyah before 1953, or who were in Camps or forced labor. The representatives are very helpful and knowledgeable. Keep trying! The laws change frequently.
2. Racist Jews count only Jews in Holocaust, 17million murdered
3. The system works do that elderly get terminate in state hosp
Hospital and holocaust survivors have no family state takes over their assets.....some have no family but lots of money from war compensation...
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