Israel bans prostitution, backs rehabilitation for sex workers
Shahar Hai
Published: 31.12.18, 16:26
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1. All this does is grow blackmarket, women will b treated wors
2. The law is great. But will it make a black market where ther
Eden   (12.31.18)
There is total abuse of human beings.

If girls or boys are working illegally. Then have no protection from the law and will be terrified to ask for help.
3. Completely dumb and hypocrite
Yc   (12.31.18)
If they really wanted to halt prostitution, they would go to places like Ramat Gan's diamonds neighborhood after 8 pm.
4. Prostitution should be legalized and regulated, not banned.
leo ,   usa   (12.31.18)
5. Too many cooks spoil the Brothel.
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (12.31.18)
An erect penis has no conscience...
7. what will the rich kids of likud do on erev shabat now?
8. After Prohibition you'd think Man has learned something...!?
9. What's next: outlawing tobacco? Stupid politicians doing
stupid things and nobody is protesting?
There's a reason for it being called: 'world's oldest profession'.....
10. Israel to become nation of masterbators
Sam ,   Montreal   (01.01.19)
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