Trump: Iran can do whatever it wants in Syria
Ynet and Reuters
Published: 02.01.19, 22:48
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1. Trump is a brilliant tactician. He uses the press. Speaks...
Eden   (01.02.19)
Like a Spartan and keeps everyone guessing....

He can announce he is going North when all the time he is engaging South.

People say its unstable. Its not.
2. the STABLE GENIUS strikes again...
let's hear it again from our right-wingers how Trump's the "greatest President in modern history for Israel" ... or as some have claimed, the new "Moshiach"
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (01.03.19)
He is bluffing and wants to get the mullahs, Assad and the Turk into fighting each other. It will be the classical scenario since Assad would love to get his hands on Erdogan. Trump is also telling Israel that you are allowed to do what you want with the mullahs indirectly. Now, Valdi needs to bring in more power to save his mullahs and Assad and keep the Turks and Kurds in check on every front. Before, everyone just blamed US for everything. Now, they need to actually fill the void themselves. VLADI has got his hands full now. It is a gamble, but that is the only way to make these players understand why USA is needed.
4. Obama gave Iran Billions.Trump sez gives Iran carte blanche
Alan ,   SA   (01.03.19)
So if this is true,it is Iran who is getting the first " deal of the century."
5. always amused at that off the cuff, New York blunt
Cameron   (01.03.19)
He announces that the burden of Syria is primarily upon YOU, not us.

As is right & proper certainly.

Take it as a true sign of faith he has in Israeli resources and ability to counter whatever games the Persians may attempt to play next door.
6. Total fake news!
David ,   New york   (01.03.19)
This quote is taken out of context to imply the complete opposite of what president trump said:
What he actually said was that Iran was hurting from the sanctions, weakened and withdrawing from Syria and other places.
"They can do what they want, frankly"
Was saying that they can go bleep themselves because they're losing

Thanks ynet for taking this quote totally out of context
7. Deeply disturbing
that Netanyahu feels he can influence American policy.

I am interested to see if the Israel anti- boycott legislation passes. It did not get pushed through in the lame duck session.

Trump is the President of the U.S, not Israel.

And some Israeli values and attitudes are not a match.
Why should Syria be his ( and Americas' ) problem ?
9. Trump statements are meaningless. One must focus on actual
Tehraniporou   (01.03.19)
10. Great POTUS. Finally someone that knows where them fishes
pee from....
11. Exactly. Then Israel will do what we want as well.All's fine
12. Delusional Bibi on infuencing US politics
Avi L.   (01.03.19)
Not even Donald the moron (Rex Tillerson) knows what he is doing in a couple of seconds

In Moscow, Tehran, Ankara and Damascus Donald is the toast of the year
13. Mr Trump shocks again.
steve ,   beer sheva   (01.03.19)
The 'saviour' of the the religious and the right proves once again the depth of their ignorance and naivety.
It is sad that these are the people governing Israel .
14. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (01.03.19)
Trump is plain meshuga and uncultured. not to be trusted as if other world leaders do not know. only a lot of Americans think he is a genius. collective mentality in US has gone down a lot in recent years. perhaps signs of a nation in decline.
15. A masterful Machiavellian character he is
Cameron   (01.03.19)
His subtlety & sly maneuvering forever leaves others off balance and grasping at his real intent and true motives.

All is arranged and tailored.

Superb manipulator.
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