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Israel Medical Association bars its members from performing conversion therapy
Rotem Elizera
Published: 08.01.19, 12:25
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1. Mr
Eliyahu Kitov ,   Safed   (01.08.19)
What do doctors know about ethix? The Holy Torah makes perfectly clear that G-d hates homosexuality
2. conversion therapy.
Maurice Rosenfeld ,   Antwerp   (01.08.19)
How can one refer to Holy Torah, an accumulation of myths and legends and in addition refer to a complete human invention that is the concept of God. How can one argue with these ignorant and primitive if not obscurantist people who believe in this hocus-pocus ? Religious people know about ethics ? There are the worst liars and thieves, only interested in money.
3. Another victory!
Ben ,   Beer Sheva   (01.08.19)
And we win yet once again! We’re building a world of peace and coexistence for Moshiach!
4. Well done, Ynet! Well done, IMA!
Sharon   (01.08.19)
5. Born a woman
Became a man, then decided yo have a biological child, so reverted to gender neutral. No . No mental disorder at all. It’s all good
6. Will they also ban "transition" therapy for children?
Jake   (01.08.19)
We can debate the ethics of "conversion" therapy, but we should all agree that injecting hormones in a confused little boy, and dressing him up as a girl, is sick and criminal child abuse. Will the IMA ban this practice too?
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