Florida governor goes after Airbnb over settlements decision
Associated Press
Published: 16.01.19, 09:14
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1. Ms.
Basya ,   Safed   (01.16.19)
Jews, especially Israelis, travel. Just vote with your wallet. Switch away from airbnb. I've already gone from there.
2. Sadly Americans fight for our rights more than we do shamefl
3. boykott AirBedBugs. other hotel sites are better.
4. Not anti-semitic
Airbnb's actions are not anti-semitic. They are still doing business inside the green line and resisted this move for years.

Neither would be the case if anti-semitism were involved.

The issue is the legality of the settlements and occupied/disputed territory.

Resent Florida Govenor confusing Zionism with Judaism.

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