Security guard who stopped terrorist: A knife in the heart can't defeat me
Yishai Porat
Published: 22.01.19, 11:38
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Asher Elmaliach is a true hero.....and then some !
2. Mr. A.Elmaliach put his life on the line, the hero of Israel
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.22.19)
May he never suffer again. May he be rewarded with full health and lots of satisfaction in a long and happy life.
3. A bullet to the head is cheaper than feeding him in prison!
4. Al Aksa Mosque
ex Oleh Chadash   (01.22.19)
Israelis had the opportunity to explode it before, but they did not. Just my opinion; not incitement.

The next generations need to educate the lovely Arabs neighbors now: please don't bomb, don't stab, don't, don't and don't....
BRUCE LEE ,   SAFED CHINA   (01.22.19)
6. Video is a proof that security checkpoints
do not improve security. Instead of attacking the people inside, the terrorist simply attacked the people waiting outside to be checked.
7. Asher! You are a national hero. We salute you
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (01.23.19)
8. good man-Israel is a beautiful country
hal   (01.23.19)
silently i would bet most of its Arab citizens love Israel. what a beautiful country it is with all of its cynics, debates and even some weak leaders like livni, lapid and gabbay.

the 7 million Israelis can act with the force of 700 million give their ingenuity, arms and remembrance of savagery against its fellow Jews. Russia should think twice about starting something with Israel.

above all else, Israel has to ensure 2 things-control over its own security period,no sharing and always maintain defensible orders with storing of spare arms and fuel always.

the solution to the mideast caldron lies on the east bank of the jordan specifically the israeis provinces of reuben, gad and menassah which shoujld be reclaimed by israel as part of its inheritance via history and san remo.
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