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The new IDF chief's knockout victory over Iran
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 22.01.19, 16:54
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1. Raid Algtard, returning native Hebrews are giving you hell
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.22.19)
Avi ,   NYC   (01.22.19)
With the change in demographics in Israel over the last 70 years we are now seeing clearly the results of the dropping average IQ in the difficulty to assess reality.
The vicious proxy war that Israel conducted in Syria, with help from the American Golem and from various Arab regimes, is finally coming to an end,
Russia, Iran and Hizbullah have saved the Syrian state from disintegration and the Syrian people from Genocide. Israel and its lobby lost and were exposed.
Iran, that before the bogus war on Iraq was about one thousand kilometers away, is now located forty kilometers away from Tiberias. This was just the warm up before the fight and Israel's strategic change is disastrous. The real match with Iran hasn't even started yet, and I hope that it never will.
However, how can you call such a chain of defeats and blunders a "knockout victory" when the results are already looking catastrophic for us?
3. Well done Israel!
Marc ,   Montreal   (01.22.19)
You are light-years ahead of the mullah's backwards regime!
You will always win, because the Allmighty is with you.
4. David's sling is operational
jochair thijssen ,   Kfar Saba Israel   (01.22.19)
In this case Iron dome was used, but david's sling was on standby.
5. mr
Steve Gure   (01.22.19)
It is of the utmost importance that Israel goes on the offensive and not wait for Iran or anyone else to try again
6. yossi-you don't know what you are talking about
roy   (01.22.19)
there was no knockout. a few positions were hit well by iaf. chief kochavi appears into the fight and that is for the good. eisencott was good but seemed reluctant. Israel has needed a cos that will go for the throat. halutz was a disaster, and gantz was not much better.
7. But what next ........
Arnie ,   Montreal   (01.22.19)
....... if G-d forbid Iran does greatly injure or kill Israelis via Syria.
8. sorry... situation remains extremely dangerous
Rafi ,   US   (01.22.19)
IDF tactical victory only... unfortunately this war is far from over.

Meanwhile, the STABLE GENIUS/ orange executive has greatly increased regional volatility with his abysmal & needless abrupt pullout of US troops from Syria.... giving Iran a big GREEN LIGHT to proceed.
9. there's no "knockout"... this is a long, dangerous struggle
Rafi ,   US   (01.23.19)
10. Israel is prepared
C   (01.23.19)
a country that was able to locate in tehran a dilapidated warehouse
filled with iran's nuclear archives, is prepared for all eventualities.

israel's intelligence capabilities and electronic warfare capabilities are
light years ahead of any iranian capabilities.
any attempt by iran to use its huge missile arsenal to cause large
scale casualties in israel, or to destroy her military infrastructure,
will result in huge harm to iran itself.
it is obvious that iran is led by irrational, delusional theocrats, and
therefore it is probable that this leadership will attempt to destroy
the jewish state.
the silence of the western world in the face of threats of genocide
against the jews of israel will only cause a regional war and many
11. Traduccion
Jorge walter ,   Buenos aires   (07.22.19)
Es lamentable la traduccion al espaƱol. A tal grado que dificulta entender el contenido. Es evidente que la traduccion es automatica . espero que corrijan este error
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