Despite opposing Israel boycott, EU keeps funding pro-BDS groups
Itamar Eichner
Published: 23.01.19, 10:45
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1. When there will be a Dem POTUS,USA will abstain and EU will
Alan ,   SA   (01.23.19)
do the dirty work..There are already hostile elements in the new Congress on the OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE as well as the FOREIGN RELATIONS Tliab AND Omar etc One wont know if it is Cuba or Venezuela or USA..... The EU is already flexing its muscles with the new Franco Prussian Army of Aaachen
2. But bien sur, we know what EU stands for: Eunuchs Unified
3. teacher
thomas tarzan ,   new york   (01.23.19)
if u boycott israel...u boycott breathing,,,because GOD IS WITH THEM SINCE DAY ONE
4. MOGHERINI is an Iranian plant
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (01.23.19)
Cannot believe a word of what Muggerhenie says.Will celebrate when her term ends.
5. Before you are starting criticizing Europe....
Jack Milton ,   London   (01.23.19)
All Israelis who have a second European Passport should immediately return their passports back to the countries. So no more bad talking against Europe. Instead you will start to beg. Without Europe passports you are nothing :)
6. We support the EU.
Ken   (01.23.19)
7. YAWN....
Europeans ,and by extension the EU, hate Jews ,and by extension mthe JEWISH state of Israel. The europeans inheret Jew-hatred in their mother's milk. So I am not in the least surprised that european losers fund BDS ,which is an antisemitic organisation. Little wonder that the United Kingdom can not wait to leave the European Union and can not get away from the europeans fast enough !
9. Shame on Ireland
Andrea Ng ,   Sydney   (01.24.19)
Shame, shame, shame on the Irish. The only country in the world to mourn the death of Hitler should be the last people to give others lessons on morality. Chinese people, all around the world, stand shoulder to shoulder against the inanity of this approach.
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