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Short film by Israeli director gets Oscar nod
Binyamin Tobias
Published: 24.01.19, 14:22
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1. Clear-cut anti-Trump madness is showing it's true power:
this is how you get on in present day America & elsewhere.
We must break this elitist/leftist/ zombie- mentality and regain sanity on all fronts, including Hollywood.
2. Ignore this BS leftist propaganda
GHook93 ,   Chicago   (01.24.19)
Leftist are all the same. They try to exploit the audience by fabricating facts and creating a narrative that isn't there. I bet this scumbag propagandist has never been to small town America. He will see that racism is NOT THERE. Black and Latinos roam freely and aren't harassed. Small town Americans are just as disgusted with racism as anyone.

It is the left that keeps peddling this BS racist narrative that isn't true and they try to change facts on the ground.

People should skip this film and they should boycott this scumbag. I guarantee this scumbag propagandist is part of the hate Israel crowd. The ignorant left like Natalie Portman, that arrogantly Demonize Israel, but claim to be Jewish!
3. Want to advance in this world? Spit in your own nest!
4. Reality: A white kid smiling at hateful Native American and
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.24.19)
attacked by racist Blacks doesn't get a movie in Hollywood
6. Another opportunistic Useful Idiot for Islam! Yes: THAT's
what you are, even if you think your agenda lies somewhere else.
Anyone undermining Western unity & coherence is aiding the Muslim takeover of the free societies.
7. This young man has understood the inner workings of the
lobotomized cultural elites in the West.
He is showing promise as yet another Zombie follower of the tide of hippies that never grew up.
8. He could cement his win by signing the petition against the
upcoming Eurovision being held in Israel...
-Just trying to help my compatriot, you know.
9. Shames my people, why are leftiJews always betraying reality
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