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WhatsApp's pedophilia problem
Noam Barkan
Published: 29.01.19, 23:49
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1. All I know is, that when someone makes 'unbreakable' lock,
there's somebody else that within short time breaks it or makes a key.
So it is with virtual technology.
It can be totally transparent to those willing to end certain behavior/activity.
Just like the case with 'organized crime': because it's "organized" it shouldn't be that damn hard to eliminate it.
But for that we'd have to adjust our laws & "moral" stances.
Meaning zero tolerance& death penalty.
2. Most nations reducing legal age for sex.
Rbginsburg supports 12 as age of consent as do too many on the left.
Trump has arrested 1000s f sex traffickers and many elite rich have been known for pedophilia parties.

The religious institutions are full of child abuse.
Hollywood is known for child abuse
Orphanages and whole business are proven to be hotbeds for child sex rings,
Grooming gangs throughout the UK and further
Child commonly raped in nation like Pakistan and beyond.
Drag children dancing in Gay bars, children with gender disphoria given beta blockers ischild abuse, famous fashion lines making disgusting videos pf children portraying sexuality in nightwearr.
Children are being confused to what sex is.
In sports there has been proven abuse globally, take the epl in UK.
When I first found out about the mass sexual abuse of children in the orphan system, I was horrified. The police, social workers, all involved.

The fact is that the adults of the society have lost their way and child abuse has become acceptable.

Time to give children their childhood back.

3. children should not be allowed to own computers
C   (01.30.19)
pedophilia is the worst crime imaginable.
pedophiles are evil psychopaths.
pedophiles cooperate with each other.
they form groups of rapists of young children.
may they rot in the deepest recesses of hell.
4. Horrible and shocking to read this - what can we do?
Ruth Wellins   (01.30.19)
As parents what can we do to prevent our kids getting involved in this?
And as citizens what can we do to support the fight against such perverts?
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