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Israel's covert war with Iran: Fact or fiction?
The Media Line
Published: 12.02.19, 20:58
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OLEG ,   florida   (02.12.19)
2. millitary initative-gantz has little of it
rex   (02.12.19)
reviewing various wars and operations, it is clear that general gantz was no swashbuckling leader like gen sharon or general eitan. during the hezbollah war, i did not hear of him speaking to halutz to change course.

while there is collective responsibility, gantz did not show initiative to rescue madhat yusef directly instead f relying foolishly on arafat.

finally, in the gaza wars, he was passive, doing little,wrong about tunnels period.he was just plainly passive.

so why would you follow him, you Israelis. i know his MO. he will not change. he is who he is.

he certainly would never do what Sharon did in 73, which was to almost strike on his own while the high chain was paralyzed.he is no sharon.

can you be so blind as to follow him??

3. a lot of smoke and fake newzzz
smokeonwater   (02.13.19)
4. Israel will go where the enemies are
C   (02.12.19)
5. Oleg and Rafi: Israel can't keep secrets
David Siegel ,   Haifa   (02.13.19)
And you think that even your very comments are not part of the very predictable smoke screen?

What needs to be secret is kept secret. Talkback junkies are not inside of the inner circle of Israel intel. They often take these articles at face value. Naive. Me'od!
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