Gantz: Iran won't have nuclear weapon on my watch
Published: 17.02.19, 15:08
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1. Above foto of Zarif is limited editiion as he is not smiling
Alan ,   SA   (02.17.19)
It is a very very rare collectors item,as every foto of him I have ever seen (especially with Mogerini) he is portrayed with a friendly bubbly smile
2. Gantz you won’t be prime minester!
Phoenix   (02.17.19)
You and the other moron gabai!
3. Now Gantz is talking too much - he'll give the whole
barbara ,   Haifa   (02.17.19)
platform to Bibi - after all. There's something about the period before elections that somehow affects the brains of those that want to run this country.
4. Iran and Saudi Arabia and North Korea and lots of other
Rivkah   (02.17.19)
countries have nuclear weapons purchased from Pakistan. It is not a matter of if or when but they already have them. But MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, keeps them from using them.
5. You know what? By Jove: he’s right. There won’t be any Gantz
-“watch”!!! :-))
6. The situation is dangerous, however I support israel in
Tehraniporou   (02.17.19)
targetting the IRGC in Syria. They should get rid of all of them there. When iran is bankrupt these thieves have no rights to risk the interest of the country. People can openly see that these islamic invaders are not persian and do not defend the Iranian national interest. This was true under Khomeini and even more so now. May they die until the very last
7. Who needs nukes when you got the balloons. Ha ha .
Ken   (02.17.19)
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