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Anti-Semitism spreads in Europe: New incidents in Poland, Spain, Greece
Itamar Eichner
Published: 25.02.19, 15:05
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1. The worms are crawling out of the woodwork.
tiki ,   belgium   (02.25.19)
The Losers United has found it's cause again...."the Jews are guilty of their misery".

May these cowards continue to spray their anonymous graffiti during the night, while Israeli Jews send rockets to the moon, win Oscars & song contests, heal the sick, feed the poor and bring new inventions to the world.

The Jews have their proud heritage....the Jew haters their hate.
2. Some Poles are angry that stolen property is being returned?
David ,   Hartford USA   (02.25.19)
Too bad. How many hundreds of thousands of buildings and farms were simply 'appropriated' by obliging Poles as Jews were dragged away to the camps? How many Jews were murdered, by Poles, when they survived the camps and tried to reclaim their property and homes?

I wonder if the bilge that put up these posters are the grandchildren and great-grand children of the pieces of sh-t that stole the properties? What do you think?

Although I never planned to, maybe it's time for my clan to return to Bialystok and reclaim our property. We still have the deed and there is no bill of sale to anyone. I'm sure I'll find my grandparent's neighbors living in our home. That should make for some pleasant conversation.....
3. At least Jews can stop believing in Jesus who never existed.
Jesus Never Xisted ,   NYNY   (02.25.19)
To believe is to accept the Roman destruction of Jewish Sovereignty. Rabbinical Judaism gave up on the Jews being a real nation, to have done otherwise they would not exist. The Gospels are fiction, Josephus is fiction, Jews did not commit mass suicide at Masada.
4. Surprise
Ben ,   Langley   (02.25.19)
The country is wash with filthy arabs. Is it surprising?
5. Antisemitism was around before Israel was reconstituted
Nark Sherry ,   Lewiston, Idaho   (02.25.19)
And before the so-called "Palestinians" invented themselves.
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (02.25.19)
"The more things change ,the more they remain the same ." ( or in other words there aint nothing new under the sun )
PHIL O' SOPHER ,   SAFED GENIUS   (02.25.19)
Antisemitism is a necessary evil ,it is unpleasant to be on the receiving end ,as most of us know from experience ,but it useful because it reminds we jews who we are, our G-d will never allow us to totally forget who we are ,this is all part and parcel of the deal we have ,the Brit, when we agreed to be a holy chosen at Mount Sinai and the antisemitism goes with the territory. Also ,we must not forget that the land of Israel is our land, it is the inheritance of each and every jew .
To sum up, we may wish to forget who we are ,to melt into anonymity but we will never be allowed to forget who we are. So antisemitism may not be nice ,but it is useful .
8. You cannot cure neither pedophilia nor antissmitism of
9. This is because the UNHRC is so prejudical
dorian s fund ,   tel aviv   (02.25.19)
When organizations like UNHRC can show anti semitic leanings and is not stopped by the members of the UN, it opens the door to global anti semitism. Blame the UN for their lack of guidance, humanity, fairness and leadership.

It has become a useless organization that causes more problems than they solve. It is time to close it down and come up with a new idea.
10. Europe is a graveyard for Jews.. what will it take for Jews
Al   (02.25.19)
To understand that it's over for them there?

Individually Jews are very smart.
Collectively they are dumb as rocks.
OLEG ,   Naples Florida   (02.25.19)
also Jews like to be in the center of attantion they get involve in causes that do not benefit our people. In the USA Jews are behind the action to remove Trump from office.4 top jewish senators and countless congressmen are behind the investigations and harassment of Trump.Many left wing organizations give millions and millions of dollars to crazy causes that end up with anti Israel activities. How about Hollywood which is a cesspool of Jewish lefty activities and anti Trump activities. people forget if Trump loses in 2020 a democratic president will screw Israel to the wall. The democrats yell FREE PALESTAINE all the time. They will force Israel to the corner.. Jews today work against each other instead being united and be their brother's keeper. SAME IN ISRAEL.In Europe today Jews should live under the radar. avoid the lime light and live the quiet life. Rich Israelis should not invest in East Europe do not travel there and hit them in the pockets. and if you go there be low key and not loud. Most of the antisemitism is because of Muslims who live there and those who married local women who do their husbands wishes. To my Jewish friends be strong and live life to the fullest.
12. Athens' pic is not from the jewish school of Athens
joanna   (02.26.19)
there is no grafitti in the jewish school of Athens. you can contact Athens Jewish Community to confirm. This picture is not from the Jewish School of Athens.
13. The ONLY Answer to Anti-Semitism
Nigel Kersh ,   Ra'anana   (02.27.19)
Israel - the ONLY answer to anti-Semitism.
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