Despite AG’s recommendation, Ben-Ari can run
Amir Alon
Published: 06.03.19, 21:35
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1. Why are you repeating our mistakes?
Patriotism is great, but it can become extremely dangerous if you take too much of it. Visit Yad Vashem for more information.
2. If openly Quisling-like Meretz and Tibi can sit in that hall
then by Jove: so can Jewish uber-patriots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Exactly like this a certain "Austrian Gefreiter" came to pow
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (03.07.19)
4. stop with the threats
joe   (03.07.19)
Israelis of all stripes should be able to run but not if they issue death threats. even extreme groups can run provided they use democratic means. its enough with the intimidation threats. would be killers cannot run.

i am no fan of shaffrir or zandberg or shelah. no matter how many concessions they offer will only increase terror whose goal is hamastan in judea. i don't think gantz understands what is going on at all.He was not a good chief of staff. his prescriptions are not good. neither are bibi's. that is why you should vote for bennett.

that being said, say your peace but put an end to threats. they are unacceptable period.
5. Mark Wiseman is not.
אליהו   (03.09.19)
Facebooker above has no clue what happened in the Six Day War. Every non-Israeli in the undeclared territories became countryless. They have continued their belligerency with the help of mark unwisemen of the world.
6. The leftwing is given perrmission to incite hatred
Daniel ,   TA - IL   (03.10.19)
the leftwing jews are a willing instrument to incite hatred against jews... their libels unfounded racism claims are not only pathetic, they serve their eu paymasters to incite hatred against jews.
Also the left labels everyone who does not agree with them as nazis... this is not only historically wrong, since the nazis were socialists, but also libellous. The sad thing is that the israeli judiciary is defunct and corrupt and an instrument of the left!
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