Begin, Israel's most gallant rightwing leader
Shlomo Nakdimon
Published: 11.03.19, 13:11
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1. Today, there is no more idealism, no love for Israel
Ex Oleh Chadash   (03.11.19)
You can see a lot of law offices in Tel-Aviv assisting people to confirm their Polish citizenship. What do they want? Leave Israel and live in Europe!

Today there is no more love, no morals, no respect for the State, no decency.

Authentic Zionism is over. Herzl predicted that this would happen in one of his letters.

curiosity: if you ask the Jews in my country who were the greatest prime ministers, they answer; Ben Gurion and Golda.

In Israel, most of people answer: Begin.

2. Begin was slandered by the Left during his lifetime.
Jake   (03.11.19)
They called him a "clown", a "fascist", and compared him with Hitler (sound familiar?)
And now that he's been dead for a few decades, they eulogize him.
3. Begin couldn't get anywhere with Palestinians.
Sam ,   Montreal   (03.11.19)
Not only are Israeli leaders unable to make peace with Palestinians (not their fault as Palestinians reject Jewish state) but they are also soft on controlling Palestinian violence in Gaza and the West Bank. Put this together with Israeli withdrawals in Gaza and Lebanon and Palestinians feel they can provoke more withdrawals with violence as little is done to deter them. Israelis are expected to suck it in and live with the violence.
4. some positive, pleasant news for a change
Rafi ,   US   (03.11.19)
5. Ian Goldstein
jerry   (03.11.19)
Bibi's reign lasted much longer than Begin's. That alone should tell you that he is more loved than even Begin. The peace with Egypt will always be on shaky ground. Begin regretted it the day after he signed it. Islam is a religion of deceit. We all know that today.
6. gantz and bibi vs bennett
marv   (03.11.19)
based on gantz's and bibi's performances in gaza and elsewhere, they do the minnimum and chase phony quiet arrangements. gantz is very much like bibi militarily. wearing the uniform does not mean much. it is bottom line performance. both have been shown lacking.yaalon too.

bibi has little deterrent power because enemies know he is scared. perhaps from nearly drowning, his feeble responses are sickening aready-don't test us which are a waste of time.

gantz is of the same type. shapira didnot write a critical report for nothing.he brags he killed 1300 enemy. this is a shmuck talking- rockets were still hitting israel and even to this day.

bennett is more of a result oriented leader. israel cannot afford gantz or bibi. it should vote bennett and quit this rubbish and media spin which is desperate. as for olmert and his views, he can go to hell. winograd and anyone who watched his conduct and concessions should declare him personal non grata.
7. ynet a bunch of hippocrites
jared   (03.11.19)
when begin was elected pm, the media along with jimmy carter condemned him as an extremist.

begin held firm, hit osiraq over us objections, declared Israel was not a banana republic and would not be a doormat. now ynet extols his virtues. what a bunch of Hippocrates.

gantz and biibi are no begin. gantz and bibi are actually very similar-very gunshy. gantz was a poor leader in the gaza war. he underestimated tunnels. he is not a miilitary figure to take on hezbollah nor is yaalon who is all talk. .as for netanyahu, he is at most a press spokesman. he is good with words. but he lacks guts.he lacks guts. if it is evident to me, it is evident to the enemies.

the idf has to weed out the brave from the weak in its training programs.

that bibi wants tycoons to pay for his defense shows such chutzpah, such arrogance. pay for it from your own damned pockets.

israelis-vote for bennett. otherwise you will head into oslo with gantz or concessions from bibi.

vote for bennett.
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