Netanyahu, Gantz trade blows over Iranian phone hack, submarine affair
Inbar Toyzer, Moran Azoulay and Amir Alon
Published: 20.03.19, 19:27
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1. Sounds like the Muller probe.....
DSM ,   USA   (03.20.19)
A political witch hunt, of Trump and anyone who has spoken to him in the last 15 years, in search of a crime.
2. Guess its hopeless to ask politicians to "grow" up and
barbara ,   Haifa   (03.20.19)
behave like adults - right? Don't know how anyone who is voting will know
whom to vote for ?
3. The options are Bibi or further right.
Right's Right ,   Tartu, EE   (03.21.19)
Anyone who had a chance to live through the last several decades of Israeli life should realize that the 1990's was the bloodiest decade in Israel's history in terms of terror attacks on civilians. The ONLY reason that happened was because Labor and the Left got in bed with Filth Clinton and the American Democrats and foisted upon the Israeli people the stupidest Middle Eastern peace plan in history. ANY Leftist party, regardless of how desirable they may be based on their pro-marijuana, pro-environment, pro-women's rights, or any other hipster cause they advocate, is a death sentence for the average Israeli. The Left will always cave to Arab tantrums because every urban Jewish Leftist is, at their core, a coward.
4. Gantz is dishonest and poses great danger to Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.21.19)
Gantz refuses to clearly answer the simple question of whether or not he supports the monstrous Two State Final Solution, which would turn Israel into a 9 mile wide concentration camp. This fact is obvious to any child capable of reading a map.

Gantz's sick platform is identical to that of Labor or Meretz. He is trying to pass as a centrist because he knows Israel strongly rejects the left. Gantz is dishonest and poses great danger to Israel. That is what matters the most in this election.
5. israel needs a decisive courageous pm
ed   (03.23.19)
in the coming election, Israel must have a pm and govt that can lead it to victory over its enemies in wars that are in the distance. it cannot fight 50 day wars without clear cut victories. it has been doing that since the passing of sharon. olmert and halutz were security failures, lapid is a disciple of olmert. He is another no nothing in security who backed up yaalon and gantz in the gaza war flop. gantz did not distinguish himself at all in regard to tunnels, he conducted limited entry and his following actions were not of lightening and brutal quality,. bennett drove the govt to hit the tunnels over the objections yes, of bibi who is a not an action soldier in my judgement. but he relied on gantz and yaalon. they were flops, no other way to say it.

now, gantz has a shot at the pm job. bibi does have to go but not at the expense of installing a weak general who would concede land of which there is no more to give.

likewise, israel has to annex the golan period, no ifs and or buts, regardless of Syrian threats. in fact Israel should claim the lands that belong to it- the lands of rueben gad and menassah on the east bank. sadly rabin was tired of fighting and was led wayward by the discredited peace at any price beilin and peres.

the arab world has to understand that Israel has to have more space, otherwise it cannot be expected to be peaceful neigbour.and it will understand if Israel shows it is serious.

so vote for likud or bennett's new right and forget about gantz or lapid. if you vote for them, you are going to get hamastan on the west bank and rockets on ben gurion airport.

in short, i do not trust gantz and not choose the way of those who will submit. jews cannot afford any more submission.
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