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Netanyahu talks a lot but does very little
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 24.03.19, 13:08
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1. Ben-Dror Yemini:what makes u think another politician-leader
barbara ,   Haifa   (03.24.19)
could be an improvement on the three serious items mentioned above (Gaza, Iran and Syria). As for giving Egypt submarines - I also am concerned about this. But if it is secret, then even those who are in the know, won't tell us.
2. Israel"s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (03.24.19)
Iam convinced that Netanyahu is doing his best, in his way, for his party and Israel. He is not a dictator, as for example Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He has to deal with the Israëli parliament, the Knesset, because Israel is a democratic country, all being elected by the Israëli people. any 4 or 5 years. Israel is a multi-party democracy, so the people have a choice. Like any other country, Israel is not a perfect country.
3. Talks too much
Mel Weinberg ,   Israel   (03.24.19)
Show me a politician anywhere in the world who doesn't.
4. Bibi building Isrl diplomatically/economically.U dont get it
5. Bibi
Patricia ,   Netanya   (03.24.19)
He would be a fantastic foreign minister
6. General Schvantz and his two nuts...
Lying Gen. Schvantz, and his two nuts, left nut Yair and right nut Boogie, that leaves Asskinazy behind...

Check out these crooked fools:
7. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Zaina Shehab ,   Kuwait wonderfulLand   (03.24.19)
Congratulations about this wonderful day Borim day tomorrow Monday wonderful event in Judith Relogion it's mean Miracle things will happen specially in peace's agreemant Century deal : East of Jerusalem the capital of Palistain statement To keep the sequret and safe to Israeli people who really need shalom peace more than Arabs you will feel these words it's a logical factswe (Wonderful world) like Israel and never threat you our great god like you and me also you need a logical agreemant renew one two states selotion which mean the East of Jerusalem the capital of Palistain statement UN and USA will suggest it to you because is it many nessecry important to Israeli people and you Excellency prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu god bless youAllah safe you be survive BB to bieng the mainest wetness live the peace
Zaina Shehab
8. What do you mean "cant be taken seriously?"
Tom ,   Tom   (03.24.19)
"Netanyahu’s explanation, that the attorney general oversaw the deal, can’t be taken seriously."
Netanyahu’s said that AG knew the cause when he overviewed the evidences
9. Netanyahu saved Israel from the Left. That's why he wins.
Jake   (03.24.19)
He has led Israel from strength to strength, after the Left nearly destroyed Israel via Oslo, the PLO trojan horse attack that continues to this day.

The moment the Left renounces Oslo, and apologizes for the pain it inflicted on Israel, is the moment the Left will be relevant again.
10. Let's hope he fares as well as our ally, Mr.D.Trump just did
11. Phoney charges
Eddie ,   Rio   (03.24.19)
Egypt is a country at peace with Israel, a security partner against Iran, Isis and negotiating with Hamas. In a potential conflict, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel will be fighting against Iran. They are already cooperating with Israel in the Sinai. This is a likud accomplishment.
12. ben dror criticisms
joe   (03.24.19)
it is agreed that bibi and gantz togehter fall short. Gantz is worse because as general he gave the junior officer bibi advice which was bad advice in the gaza war. both were disconnected. bennett and lieberman seemed to be the only ones to confront hamas seriously.

bibi talks big but does the minimum because he was shot and nearly drowned and appears never to have gotten over it. perhaps the idf training is subpar.

i have no confidence whatsoever in gantz. you might as well have dan halutz in his place. no difference in outcome as far as i am concerned. there is no need to repeat protective edge. gantz is not the man as far as i am concerned even to remove bibi from office.

lapid and gantz-they will set hamastan on the west bank and then run crying to the usa. what shmucks!

hamas even says they will set up hamastan. then there will be too much pressure from all sides which is the arab plan. they exploit israeli weak leaders like yadlin, ben dror gantz and lapid to buy into 67 peace.

it is time for bennett and like minded israelis.

there is little doubt that Hamas and Hezbollah leaders are far stronger and courageous than the scared wimps that have been running Israel since sharon's departure. olmert takes the prize as the weakest, followed by livni and lapid, then bibi and now gantz.
13. anotehr talks a lot but does little
myles   (03.24.19)
olmert attacks bibi for being weak on security???. olmert, a security know nothing who fumbled the hezbollah war is now preaching. this remorseless ex crook has the gall to preach after offering the store to the plo???? ynet and haaretz of course attach to anyone who can defeat bibi who they detest. olmert should still be in jail but for the court bending over backwards for him. and olmert, you recall, was negotiating with turkey to give the golan to assad for a deal. what a schmuck! and he has the nerve to attack bibi who was doing the same but not through turkey. Both are security weaklings with olmert the worst and weakest by far.

i do not detest bibi. he has some good points. of course he is miscast at defense or as pm. he is a foreign minister. he is not a security man regardless of his service. however, he was correct about attacking obama's Iran deal while lapid and gantz kissed the iran deal.also he runs the economy well while lapid is a total ignoramus about economics.

Bibi is incapable of conducting an all out stalingrad preemptive. he can't do it. he doesn't have it. gantz is the same. lapid knows nothing regardless of his return to an idf base.

as for ashkenazi, at one time he considered offering the golan to assad. so his thinking is wrongheaded

it would be good if an Israeli leader had some guts and self confidence. the last ones were sharon, begin and shamir. the rest were insecure or like bibi run to the usa ie you do it for us.

incidentally, i agree with bibi in Israel needing a 6th sub. it must have depth to its response to iran. 5 subs are not enough.

vote for bennett. don't waste your time on useless talks which promise something and deliver nothing but death and wounded bodies.
14. Talking to much, doing to little?
tiki ,   belgium   (03.25.19)
Maybe, but but look at the options.

A quartet of inexperienced politicians.
A rotation carousel with Ganz/Lapid as PM.
An Arab party needed for the majority.

If the 'just no Bibi advocates get their way Israel will be in real trouble.

Israel can't afford political adventures like this.
15. Israeli media claimed he made money off sale stop lying
16. What's next: he dresses sharp but wears wrong shoes??!!!
17. Bibi is placeholder till a more courageous patriot emerges..
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.25.19)
Bibi's job is to protect Israel from the disastrous left, which almost destroyed Israel with Oslo. Bibi is a placeholder till a more courageous patriot emerges to lead Israel. Hopefully, it will be very soon.
18. The bots are working overtime but it won't save him
Shachar ,   Eilat   (03.25.19)
Bibi let the cat out of the bag....the smoking gun is on the table! Now who is going to prosecute it!
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