No ceasefire, more hard blows on Gaza, says Israeli source
Itay Blumenthal, Itamar Eichner, Elior Levy
Published: 26.03.19, 13:48
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1. i will return home and lead the people of israel
james   (03.26.19)
bibi says he will return home and lead the people of israel. what a bloody joke. he thinks he is churchill. his actions are that of meretz. he is a he soldier with a fearful heart that paralyses israel.

whether olmert, or bibi and his cast of shteinitz, and others, israel is doomed to go down the drain hitting empty buildings. gantz is even worse.

vote for bennett
2. you cannot win a war with more hard blows
marcel   (03.26.19)
what the hell is going on with the idf and leadership. taking pride in hitting haniyeh's office building. are you dumb,s tupid?? hamas can rebuild fairly quickly. Israel has to toss bibi aside. the man is detached from reality. he has no idea of how to fight and win a war. he is like livni and olmert, nothing more, nothing less.

bibi, resign and step aside for the good of fellow Israelis.
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