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A deadly drug resistant fungus threatens the world
Rotem Elizera
Published: 07.04.19, 16:09
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1. Funny how Leftism resembles this fungus. Refuses to die or
be treated...
2. Funny how it resembles "Socialism"/Leftism in general... :-)
3. Treatment and cure with Phages
Rael   (04.08.19)
It can be destroyed with Phages.
4. Has probiotics been tried?
Gerald Itzkowitz ,   Netanya, Israel   (04.09.19)
According to the article antibiotics have been proved more or less useless. It has also been noted that a person with a strong immune system was usually protected. It would make sense for health scientists to look for bacteria that would be effective in destroying growths of these Candida Auris fungus. These could be applied to an infected individual to destroy the fungus. The new problem is the bacterial infection. It may be possible that the bacteria could be eliminated with antibiotics afterwards and/or can build up the immune system of the infected individual. Note that
I am not a medical doctor but a retired Professor of
mathematics and my research training involves "connecting the dots".
5. Globalization is great
Mosh   (04.10.19)
isnt it?
6. My sister died from this nothing funny about it.
Ricco Swauva ,   Sister died from thi   (12.23.19)
Nothing is funny about this situation. My sister died from this horric look superbug. After fighting hard for 8 mos last May in Texas. People need to watch what words they use and have compassion. Words can kill or heal a person. Js
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