Opinion  Sima Kadmon
Netanyahu's imaginary conspiracy
Sima Kadmon
Published: 18.04.19, 14:10
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1. Imbecile Zima is angry to have lost to much better leader
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.18.19)
2. Interesting analysis(?): ...
leo ,   usa   (04.18.19)
"The prime minister used divisive language throughout the election campaign"
So, please explain to me how candidate that is using "dividing language" can get overwhelming support and eventually form unity coalition in matter of hours.
3. So, the visible disgust all the media talking heads were
openly showing at the mention of PM's name was not "divisive"?!
Interesting theory....but hey; it's good old Sima....
4. Dear Sima...
Liz Biggin   (04.18.19)
There is no such thing as a clean politician. Its just some are dirtier than others.
5. Swap "Netanyahu's" for "Democrats'"
Cynthia Morris ,   Danbury   (04.18.19)
and you will have a spot-on analysis of President Trump's situation:

"Democrats' imaginary conspiracy"
6. P.M.s are NOT normally under constant "investigation"
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.18.19)
Bibi is about to become Israel's longest serving P.M. He has been under almost constant "investigation" his entire tenure as P.M. That is NOT normal. Real investigations are concluded in a matter of months, at most.

These hoax "investigations" of Bibi have cost hard pressed Israeli taxpayers countless millions of shekels. The results are downright pathetic; tiny gifts, like take out dinners, that everyone buys their friends and acquaintances. The endless hoax "investigations" are clearly intended to overturn Israeli elections and take Bibi down. That amounts to a conspiracy.
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