Netanyahu: Israel will not allow Iran nuclear weapons
Ynet and agencies
Published: 08.05.19, 12:05
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1. Wll not allow this, will not allow that...
rom ,   israel   (05.08.19)
Countless times have I heard Netanyahu vow not to tolerate this or that. Funny, I cannot remember even one of his vows that he hasn't reneged on.

That's the principal reason why I haven't voted for him for years.
2. Iran is shaking in its boots seeing how Hamas was defeated
ab   (05.08.19)
3. bibi not able to deliver the goods
ray   (05.08.19)
bibi has clearly shown that he cannot back up his threats. he lacks guts pure and simple. he will never initiate unless he gets all else and hashem to sign up. Israelis have themselves to blame for not voting for Bennett and feiglin.

that they did not make gantz pm is understandable because he goes further than bibi in underestimating tunnels, being passive and offering land concessions in the west bank.i could never vote for him under any circumstances.

next time, vote for bennett and feiglin.
4. Nuclear iran
blabla   (05.08.19)
You got to be kidding me. He is now concerned, that Iran might skip out of the treaty, the treaty that he himself did everything possible to torpedo. Or is this also a weird admission, that the "worst deal in history" actually worked?
5. Sure Mr. Nathanyahoo
Mr. Irani ,   Tehran   (05.08.19)
Time to take out new crayons and come up with a new set of cartoons. You have miscalculated, even though anyone who knew anything told you so. You thought with economic pressure Iran will collapse, people will pour into the streets, ethnic strifes will skyrocket and ... Bolton had even professed to celebrate his success in Tehran in early 2019. Trump thought Iranians will come begging in the first few weeks. Such are the delusions of the Grandmasters. It is telling that Trump is silent, no tweets no rants of “fire and furry”. Now you will lose the initiative and the world knows who is culprit. Anything short of war will see you lose. Of course that was your plan all along. As usual you and Bolton have miscalculated. You will lose in a war as well. And you will be remembered by Israelis and the world as the one who destroyed Israel and the Middle East. Well done Sir.
6. Too much blabla from Bibi and no concrete action.
Paul Kouchner ,   Paris   (05.08.19)
Sorry guys , wrong person at the commands of Israel, and there is no better one in sight.
All fighting for the chair and their pocket, the rest , the people , peace are irrelevant.
7. LOL! They have access 2 Argentine Uranium...
Netanyahu is a day late and several dollars short!
8. the next round with adversaries
martin   (05.08.19)
it will be like 67, with eshkol stammering(though he turned out to be good at the end). war clouds were threatening while eshkol delayed and delayed to give peace efforts a chance. that turned out to a waste of time. finally, media and idf pressure forced dayan to take over defense from eshkol. then the idf unleashed its preemptive war plan which saved the day.

this is likely to happen in the next big round. idf or cabinet will realize that netanyahu is over his head in security matters and will force someone else to take over conduct of the war. bibi is unfit to lead defense, he hasn't got a clue. he has never since being pm shown initiatve in disorienting and taking over some strategic areas.

since sharon took ill, Israel has not a pm or defense minister whether barak, peretz, even lieberman and certainly netanyahu who was an original daring fighter. it has all been about tit for tat reactions. even now bibi pays qatari money, expanded fishing zones, telephone calls for Arab prisoners, fuel and food. and he thinks this is not paying ransom allowing Hamas to have theupper hand which is the case.

general galant to my surprise is a disappointment. he should be offering cabinet an original decisive plan of attack.
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