A message for Israel's new foreign minister
Ron Prosor
Published: 21.05.19, 19:34
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1. Fat hope, Mr Prosor
Disillusioned   (05.21.19)
The foreign Minister is none other than Israel Katz - a failed transport minister for starters. But also one with an unpleasant and arrogant manner, and can barely string a sentence together in English.

One thing he has never had is diplomacy. All he has done his entire political life (apart from playing second fiddle to Netanyahu, despite his determination to replace him and so far has failed to succeed) is set up photo opportunities to boast about his underachievements.

The position is unlikely to change. He will keep the job and do with it what he did with public transport: wreck it.

So happy dreaming....
doda ,   givatayim   (05.21.19)
3. Correct as it all may sound, the truth is, that nobody at
the moment can beat Netanyahu's stature in the international arena.
Hate him or love him: he's The Man!
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