Israel approved armored vehicles for PA security forces
Elior Levy
Published: 21.05.19, 19:14
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1. Hallo.....
Boaz   (05.21.19)
What next? Tanks? Refurbished F15?
2. Terrible disgusting brainless dumb decision!
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.21.19)
Where did Israel ever get the idea that it's okay to arm our mortal foes? What a terrible disgusting brainless dumb decision. It is only a matter of time till the P.A's "armored vehicles" are replaced by tanks. Jews are supposed to be smart, but Israeli leaders often make decisions which are not only stupid, but smack of total lack of self respect.
3. how stupid
Michael ,   seattle   (05.21.19)
it is only a matter of time until these vehicles are used by Palestinians to attack Jews and we will have to shoot at them and destroy them. You don't arm people who make it clear every day that their ultimate goal is to kill you.
4. Bibi,give them Iron Dome too,I know you want to
ab   (05.21.19)
5. Happy with him now, Bibi supporters?
Disillusioned   (05.21.19)
"He's the only one who looks after our security". Hahahahahaha.......(tears of hysterical laughter falling down my cheeks).

Next week;s instalment: airfield for Gaza. And six bombers donated by the EU to Hamas.

6. bibi likegantz is a security dunce
rory   (05.21.19)
armored car will be used against Israelis. bibi is a bleeding heart weakling who buckles under any kind of pressure.
7. Jews are their own worst enemy...
Good Gawd ,   Learsi, LI   (05.22.19)
They put Muslims in Congress in the US and arm them in the Middle East. Really just the strangest phenomenon.
8. idf training
larry   (05.22.19)
idf desk soldiers must also be trained in martial arts and handling arms even if they end up on desk or spokesman.

we cannot afford anymore to have idf soldier who run from battle or are paralyzed by fear in war. train them as hard as you can.

and idf generals should not be crowing about being left or right. just do the job.

in this respect eisencott has been a disappointment. prepare the boys and girls for battles and stop hedging and fear mongering./
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