UAE, Saudi Arabia confirm participation in roll-out of Trump peace plan
Published: 22.05.19, 10:11
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1. Stop, before it'll be too late! Only a certified moron, can
by now believe in two of the following statements:
1. there's an until recently undiscovered nation and they're called Palestinians
2. said Palestinians are genuinely interested in a piece of land, so they can cultivate tomatoes, cabbage and herd their sheep and are NOT seeking to destroy the State of Israel.
If your answer is "yes" to both, then you should promptly seek medical attention.
2. This is going to be good not
Ardeth Bey ,   US   (05.22.19)
This is not going to be good for Israel. This whole setup is bizarre, for let the US make the same so called 'peace plans' with the thousands of immigrants who are spilling or attempting to spill in from Mexico.
Why not make a peace treaty with those whom they accused for hitting the TwinTowers? This whole scheme is diabolical.
3. That's great, what
Zoe   (05.22.19)
a trio: One murderer, one pathetic thief, one good-for-nothing heir.
4. This is about lining Trump's pockets with $$$$$$
this is NOT about finding a solution to problems in the Middle East.
5. m
moishe   (05.22.19)
a blah conference. Moslems should solve their own problems first. they can't so they think they can solve all ME problems. it's a joke!
6. Pals demand attention to their cause.All must be their way
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.22.19)
Palestinians will terrorize if they don't get enough attention and then they will terrorize for not getting everything they demand. They are a bunch of nothings ordering everyone around. By now the West and Arab states should stop babying them.
7. "E o mundo silenciou..." by Ben Abraham.
ex Oleh Chadash   (05.22.19)
a Holocaust survivor wrote: when men start making peace accords, a war will happen next.

Be careful.
8. Mark Sherry, FB
C   (05.22.19)
no one wants to destroy the entire country of iran.
all anyone wants is to stop iranian nuclear weapons and ballistic missile
programs and its malign terror actions in the region.
all anyone wants is that iran stop its numerous proxy wars and terror wars.
like all civilised nations, iran must observe international norms of
behaviour. threatening israel with annihilation is an outrageous
violation of international law and the commity of nations.
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