Rejecting taboos, Palestinian businessman welcomes US plan
Associated Press
Published: 22.05.19, 19:04
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1. I wish Jabar good health!
BAB ,   Jerusalem   (05.22.19)
2. Pray for success
Donald Nemer ,   Minnetonka   (05.22.19)
Although Mr. Jabare comes from one of the most powerful clans in the West Bank, he is still very vulnerable. I admire and respect his courage. The PA doesn’t look kindly upon any threat to its leadership. I pray that they don’t kill him.
3. Pal. national consensus is to destroy Israel.
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.22.19)
Some of them can be bribed most cannot. It's about time US+EU diplomats got that thru their thick heads. What a waste of money and time paying these ignoramuses to solve the Pal-Israel conflict.
4. I fear for his health
Alan ,   SA   (05.22.19)
5. City/area states
this human   (05.23.19)
Some humans are just going to want to kill humans no matter if they are doing alright or not. Seems the only reasonable policy is for areas to police themselves with prosperity and cooperation and joint adjudication of disputes. Seems the only alternative is human slaughter. The being who is more than mere human will judge all of us mere humans.
6. Low wage workers? They make 10t any Palestinian..
7. Prayers for Peace
Cooperation, Respect. It is time for the pain and bloodshed on both sides to end.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.24.19)
The mullahs of both sides will silence this guy if Israel does come to protect him. PALIS have been told to die for no cause for too long. That needs to stop.
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