Tens of thousands of Israelis protest proposed Netanyahu immunity bills
Associate Press, Ynet
Published: 25.05.19, 23:09
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1. In democracy
Boaz   (05.26.19)
We respect the will of the people. Elections are over.
Accept and respect defeat with grace, not like loosers
2. Never saw tens of thousands at a demonstration
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (05.26.19)
actually SUPPORTING Bibi - he is a criminal and a sad excuse for our country - he needs to be accountable for his actions - or he's just a coward. We deserve so much better than him and his gang of merry thieves.
3. A joke?
Gracey ,   Israel   (05.26.19)
The Likud party issued a statement calling the protest a “joke?.”

TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CITIZENS OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL PROTESTING THE POTENTIAL LOSS OF DEMOCRACY AND A CORRUPT 'PRIME MINISTER? - I've heard funnier jokes. Besides, what exactly are they going to say? Absolutely beyond disgusting.

4. WIN
David ,   NY   (05.26.19)
Funny, Let democracy win and Bibi elected so let him govern
5. Israeli politics is one big sad joke..
Al   (05.26.19)
A troop of schnorrers will and cant ever be a nation.

The everyday people of Israel end up suffering all because the MK ARE RESPONSIBLE TO NO ONE.

proportional representation equals no representation.
6. People of Israel are not stupid, only that some of them don
a Turkish hat (which WAS funny).
Right has (if one counts the "lost" ballots) around 70% of support, so everything's loud & clear.
PM has the mandate, we're heading towards brighter future and a truly free democracy.
Present situation of Supreme Courtocracy has no equivalent in the West!
7. Trolls will troll! Thank u Facebook platform!
A pity that ynet continues allow FB on their site!
8. Democracy is not working in Israel
Rich ,   Toronto   (05.26.19)
because there is no accountability to the people. All MKs need to be elected into office, not appointed. And there has to be a law that says when political officials committ serious crimes, they have to resign from office and cannot run for election ever again. What Netanyahu is saying is that he is above the law and the will of the Israeli people.
9. “Tens of thousands”?! NO eyewitnesses 8-10,000 at very most
YnetLiesAgain ,   Jerusalem   (05.26.19)
In Leftvwing City Of 500,000 ..pathetic..!
10. The usual, willing Useful Dupes doing their "thing", nothing
to see folks, move on....
11. Too funny Tel Aviv protests Tel Aviv corrupt to the core
TakePowerFromTelAviv ,   Jerusalem   (08.08.19)
As long as Tel Aviv continues to Set Israel’s extreme secular direction it will only get worse the power must be taken by the people from the corrupt moguls of Tel Aviv and the Tel Avivians in general if the Jewish State is to survive take back the power give back to the non Tel Aviv majority...a morally corrupt city should not are the agenda ..enough !!
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